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Unified Rule changes, take two

Well, it looks like everyone agreed that the Association of Boxing Commissions fucked up with their last attempt to mess with the Unified Rules of MMA. Now that everyone has basically told them where to shove their changes, they’re backtracking and saying “That last batch of changes were just ‘ideas’. Now we’re going to get together and decide what the real changes will be.”

The Association of Boxing Commissions has announced that the document entitled “Proposed Amendments for the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts,” encompassing definitions and interpretations of a multitude of terms set forth in the existing “Uniform Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” (effective April, 2001; a/k/a/ “The New Jersey Rules”), as well as several proposed amendments thereto, is intended solely as “Guidelines” to be considered by the ABC member commissions. The ABC emphasized that neither its member commissions, nor any other person, is to perceive this document as a mandate that each ABC member commission incorporate this document or any of its content into the laws and regulations under which the ABC member commissions respectively operate.

Personally, I don’t care what lame excuse they’re using to hide the fact that they were morons. I’m just glad they’re starting over again. Hopefully next time they won’t fuck it up.