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Under new management

Considering the WEC’s main management was reportedly demoted over shit that went down at WEC 36 on November 5th, I’m not sure how much influence the following news had on last night’s WEC. But there’s a new matchmaker in town, so if you suddenly start wondering why a lot of WEC fights end up playing out like baking soda and vinegar instead of a gas tanker and a bazooka, now you know why.

The card also marked the debut of new WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby, a longtime member of the Zuffa family that has served in a number of roles. Shelby might be best known as the man who handled the video editing for the UFC music video set to the tune of The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland.” The video is only shown to the live audience at UFC events and features some of the most memorable fight sequences during Zuffa’s ownership of the UFC. The video is a tremendous marketing tool that adds to the atomosphere of the UFC’s live events and it’s the type of easily-replicated thing that the EliteXC or IFL never tried to copy.

Shelby replaced Scott Adams, who, with Reed Harris, was one of the original owners of the WEC. Adams had come under fire in recent months due to the fact that several title challengers were not built up properly on TV.

I’m not panicking yet, but last night was ‘decent’ WEC #2 in a row, as opposed to the all the ‘fucking bonkers awesome insane’ WECs from earlier in the year. I’m still not sure how many fights for WEC 36 this new Shelby guy had his grubby hands on, but chances are if there’s a third meh card people are gonna start holding him responsible, whether that’s exactly fair or not. Yep, all 10 of us who care enough about the WEC to actually know who’s booking the fights.