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Ultimate Tweet Night

Random bits of news before I fuck off for some food:

For those interested, Joe Rogan is twittering from cageside tonight. Watch out though … the prelims are on and Joe is listing all the winners.

In anticipation of the Ultimate Fighter 9 premiere, I got together with Zak Woods to churn out a list of TUF seasons from best to worst.

Maybe it’s time for the UFC to put out a little booklet for it’s fighters called “Don’t Take That, Retard! The Dana White Guide to Not Taking Illegal Drugs, You Fucking Morons.” Ryan Jenson was pulled off tonight’s UFC Fight Night card because he was taking Adderall, which is the amphetamine parents give to their kids to zonk them out.

If you’re gonna gamble away your life savings, how about doing it through our favorite sportsbook BetUS? We make money that way, which is good because I think the electrician might be coming to turn the power off soon. If you’re not a gambler because of moral principles or parole restrictions, you can always cut out the middle man and throw us some spare change.

I’ll be back at 8PM to blog the shit out of tonight’s event. See you in the chat room!