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Ultimate Insanity

Here’s the preview they showed off for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter during Saturday’s Battle of the Bayou. As with most promotional material leading into the show, they decided to concentrate on the … more entertainment themed aspects of the show rather than the fighting itself. But by jove, when you’ve got Mayhem shooting silly string and Bisping renting donkeys, you show Mayehm shooting silly string and Bisping renting donkeys. The preview gifficized for your repeat viewing pleasure after the jump.

Oh, TUF. You’re so classy.

One contestant goes all primal scream on his opponent during a faceoff.

It was all fun and games till the silly string made it’s octogon debut.

“What, you don’t have donkey rentals in the US? It’s a common thing in Britain.”

Strangely enough, this seems to be Michael Bisping setting a fire extinguisher off on his own team. I guess he’s never had that shit clogged up in his lungs before.