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Ultimate Fighting, Gangnam Style

Yes, Gangnam Style has permeated every facet of reality at the moment. From the Ellen DeGeneres show to the dudes punching each other in the face world, there is no escaping Psy’s catchy Korean pop stylings. Above you can witness ONE FC’s sexy ladies getting down Gangnam Style for the crowd. That was at ONE FC’s August event in Singapore, and we now have confirmation that the disease has spread all the way to Nottingham as Brad Pickett busted out the Gangnam after crushing Yves Jabouin in the first round:

(gif via Angry Black Man)

Jabouin sprawled out in the background really completes it for me. Even more disturbing is this footage of Rampage Jackson attempting to get Gangnam…

The funny thing here is that Ariel Helwani basically forced Rampage to do it. Quinton said no like four times but finally acquiesced after the music was pumped into the studio and things were starting to get awkward. This marks a new level of interview mastery for Ariel, who used to have his microphone stolen by Rampage alongside threats of physical violence. Now he’s got Jackson dancing for him like a rummy panhandling outside a liquor store. Well played, sir. Well played.

Jon Jones gets in on the gangnam action. But because we hate him and everything we do, I say BOO THIS MAN! The guy’s clearly just trying to jump on the trend. And he doesn’t even do the dance himself!

After the jump, several more examples of MMA Gangnam Style!