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‘Ultimate Fighter’ murders two women

It’s been a while since the media has hyperfocused on the fact that a criminal also happened to have something to do with MMA. The last big buzz came from that religious nut who ripped out his buddy’s heart during a Rapture-themed drug hallucination. Even with the ‘heart ripped out of chest’ angle, ‘MMA fighter’ was the second most important detail in that story.

Now we’ve got a dude who murdered two women and of course it’s important that he be identified as having ‘competed in Ultimate Fighting matches’ by paragraph two:

Amy Henslee, the Michigan mom of two who vanished from her home three days ago, was found shot to death early this morning, police said. Her body was found buried with the corpse of another woman.

A man who has competed in Ultimate Fighting matches has been charged with the murders.

Beebe, nicknamed “JB,” participated in ultimate fighting competitions. He was a member of the Southwest Michigan Ultimate Combat Fighting, a group of amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

Beebe’s Facebook profile shows pictures of him at the matches and several pictures of him with black eyes and injuries to his face.

Jeff Hill, founder of the amateur boxing group, said that Beebe joined the group about eight months ago. Beebe won a fight last weekend in three rounds, Hill said. Howarth, the girlfriend Beebe is accused of murdering, attended the fight.

Hill is shocked by the charges against Beebe, describing him as mild-mannered and not very aggressive in the boxing ring. He had a losing record of 3-6.

That statement from Hill basically translates to “Wow, he killed people? He seemed like a total pussy in the cage. The dude sucked.” But I guess it’s easier to be good at murder than fighting, especially when you’re a chickenshit woman killer. If only using a gun was as difficult as MMA. Beebe would have been twice as likely to blow his own head off as anyone else’s.

  • iamphoenix says:

    …what’s the point in saying he’s got black eyes in his pictures? Does that make him more susceptible to murdering people? It’s like if his he was a construction worker, and they point out he’s got blue jeans on and a hard hat, so of course he would murder someone because of that. they always want to make a fucking correlation

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i find it mildly amusing the heart ripper is from my neck of the woods, quite literally.

    if you think baout is pro fighter would be less likely than a regular joe to kill people. think baout all the people who have at one point in there life gotten in na fight and at another point killed someone.

  • chim55 says:

    lol, I know this aint funny, but the phrase “was found shot to death”, seems excessive.

    I mean, body found shot would do, the death part is pretty much inherent.

  • Predator8u says:

    What a bullshit piece. With a bunch of anti MMA undertones. U.S. MEDIA for WIN.