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Ultimate Fight Night thoughts

It’s awards time, and boy did the guys from last night’s card deserve these ones:

Fight of the Night: Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur
Knockout of the Night: Jeremy Stephens
Submission of the Night: Nate Diaz

I think Melvin Guillard deserves half of Nate’s SOTN bonus since he basically walked right into it. Haven’t seen the Jeremy Stephens knockout yet so no comment there, but I’d say Quarry vs Credeur deserved to beat Condit vs Ellenberger for fight of the night honors. Now to quickly go through my thoughts on each fight:

Nate Quarry vs Tim Credeur: What kind of bizarro world do I live in when Tim Credeur has better striking than Nate Quarry and Quarry has the advantage on the ground? I don’t know, but that’s how it played out in the first round of their fight. Credeur was the dude on TUF that was always saying ‘warrior’ this and ‘warrior’ that, which was fucking annoying because all he ever did during his TUF fight was lie on his back doing very little. WARRIOR! But last night he proved that he does have that coveted ‘warrior spirit’ – he stayed in the fight with Pete Sell like perseverance, eating overhand right after overhand right straight to the jaw.

Quarry deserved the win, but Credeur didn’t give it up easy. Ironically enough, if Credeur wants to move forward in the sport he’s gonna have to do something about his jiu jitsu. As Kenny Florian bumbled all night, Tim used it well on the ground to protect himself. But i hear jits has something called submissions, and his weak armbar attempt got old after the first 10 half hearted attempts.

Carlos Condit vs Jake Ellenberger: I can’t comment about the decision because I wasn’t paying enough attention to scoring in the second round, but I think we can all agree that Ellenberger won the first, Condit won the third, and the second was the big mystery. As subo commented last night, this fight also brings up the question of what is a 10-8 round. Making Carlos Condit go fetal twice in a round should qualify, I think … but Condit was putting up a fight still so it wasn’t really a total one sided affair.

On a side note, where the fuck did Jake Ellenberger come from? There’s very little on his record that prepared us for the challenge he put up in that fight – his biggest win is over Pele and past that all his fights against ‘upper level’ guys ended with losses. I wonder if all those were wars too? The Ellenberger we saw last night was a dangerous motherfucker with a whole bunch of little tricks up his sleeve. I’m excited to see Ellen again.

Gray Maynard vs Roger Huerta: Congrats to Roger Huerta for going out in style even though he lost. Not only was he the more exciting and more aggressive fighter in this match, he showed an insane amount of heart by not tapping to one of the most horrific kimuras I’ve ever seen. I was seriously waiting for his arm to just pop right out of his shoulder but he managed to hold on and escape somehow.

Nate Diaz vs Melvin Guillard: Two punks putting their mugs on each other the entire fight. I’m not against showboating and trash talking, but there was too much posturing during this fight. At least it ended with some poetic justice … Guillard fooled around, went for the MMA equivilant of bouncing off the ropes and going for a spear and instead just inserted his head and neck deep enough into Diaz’s armpit that all it took was a quick turn of the hips and Melvin was being subbed out again. And it was 100% his fault for fucking around since he was the more dangerous looking fighter of the night. Now Nate wants to move on and fight someone in the ‘top three’. Uuuuuuuuuuuh, give it one or two more fights first, maybe?

All in all, a fucking great event. I’ll never have an issue watching decision fights so long as the participants fight like these guys did.