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Ultimate Fight Night Breakdown 13 (part 1)

We’ve all had a little time to sober up and reflect on Fight Night 13. Overall, I have to admit that the show was a real winner, like most of these free fights on Spike. The formula works; send in a bunch of hungry guys to combat one another, and reward the really great fighters by putting them on the main card in pay per view events. I don’t normally comment on fights in blog format, but poor Ryan ate some bad Pizza Pockets, and now he’s stuck on the toilet bowl. So the show must go on. We didn’t get to catch all the fights, since my internet crapped out a bit, but here are the fights we did see that I wanted to comment on:


Now that I’m no longer drunk on “Alberta’s Best” (one of the worst beers I’ve ever had, btw), I’d just like to say this: Dana, sign Boetsch right fucking now. This guy definitely deserves a chance to be a regular at light heavyweight. He’s got great potential, with solid wrestling skills, and very decent striking. His second fight with Hamil was another “last minute notification” affair, and having done some serious damage to “The Hammer”, Tim would do well in the UFC. Any guy who steps up to the plate TWICE deserves a fucking contract. You owe him that much. Sure, he has some obvious weaknesses (like the fact that he gassed really hard core), but all in all, I’m really pleased with this guy, and I now call myself a fan.


My candidate for knock out of the night. The fast hands and deadly accuracy of Anthony Johnson momentarily got me out of my drunken stupor. Man, that was brutal. Tommy Speer, who never really impressed me in TUF, got knocked out hard enough that his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. I also quite enjoyed Johnson’s cocky little attitude, and his takedown defense was very decent. This is definitely someone that I’m looking forward to see develop.


I never really liked Nate. Perhaps it’s the fact that he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth, or maybe it’s the general “Diaz” attitude that gets to me. He faced his first real dangerous opponent in Pellegrino, and the first round was brutal for Diaz. For a little while I was convinced the ref would have to stop the fight, with Kurt raining blow after blow on Nate, but to his credit, he was still defending himself. Then, bam, Diaz pulls a fucking triangle choke out of nowhere, and after flipping the bird, it’s over. Diaz victory. Fuck. It was a pretty sweet reversal, and despite the fact that he’s a smart fighter, Kurt got caught hard core. I’m now officially impressed with that cocky son of a bitch. Submission of the Night, just for giving the finger.


Yes, I know what you’re all thinking. Why the fuck did that fight get stopped as quickly as it did. Maybe Karo was turtling up. We can accept the fact that he was, at least momentarily, rocked hard enough that his legs gave out from a solid knee to the face. I’ll also give him credit for being able to defend himself even after such a monster blow. The problem is, stuff like this isn’t always ideal. Was the stoppage a little quick: yes. Do I think Karo would have gotten out of it? No. Alves was raining down on him. Hard. And in truth, I’m convinced that had he continued, Thiago would have done some pretty fucking serious damage. It should have been allowed to play out a little longer, but I can’t fault a referee for putting the fighter’s health over his pride. Besides, the bad Karma Karo built up ducking Fitch is at least partially to blame here.


Allow me to quickly cover the first and second round for you in one word: BORING! Sure, you can call it a chess match, but generally, I don’t watch those. I prefer fights. Luckily, Maynard somehow woke up, and got some nice slams in before the bell rang. It was a nice little “checkmate”, but not enough to impress me.


Now this is the fight everyone is having a giant hissy fit over. The fact that Lauzon had the upper hand in the first round somehow makes everyone question Florian taking this fight. There’s some truth to the fact that Lauzon did receive some pretty brutal elbows to the back of the head, but they were honest blows on the part of Florian. Still, I want to make it clear for everyone: Florian had a mount Lauzon wasn’t breaking, and Herb Dean gave the boy a serious chance to intelligently defend himself. I like Joe. I think that since he started training with BJ Penn, he’s become a serious force. But when someone is on top of you in full mount, raining blows, you just have to admit that someone got the best of you.

  • Omomatta says:

    Ryan isn’t dying is he?

  • dulljake says:

    nah. it’ll pass later tonight. Never had a bit of the food poisoning yourself?

  • garth says:

    mister won’t please help fightlinker
    he’s over there behind the tree
    he’s down on his luck would you help him
    i think it’s his lungs

  • Trol says:

    Tim Boetsch is a beast. Had they not been in Denver or he at least had a chance to prepare for the fight, Hamill would have been toast! Hamill won because Tim gassed. Plain and simple.

    Anthony Thompson will do well. He had pin-point accuracy on those strikes. The UFC needs to put him up against a decent striker next to test his stand up.

    I like both Joe and Kenny and didn’t know who to cheer for. Good fight. Joe needs to work on his ground defense. You can’t just turtle up when someone has you in full mount. Guaranteed ref stoppage there. I hope Kenny gets another Title shot soon. I think he should fight the looser after Penn and Sherk fight next.

    I don’t know why but I like Nate Diaz. The double finger was great. He is one of those fighters that gets the shit beat out of him and then pulls off a submission to end the fight. As he said, he needed to be punched in the face to wake him up.

  • Chuck says:


    reppin the Ween! nooooooice

  • Lifer says:

    stop eating meat/processed junk. your bowels/colon/chronically bleeding anus will thank you.

  • asdfsdf says:

    Kenny should fight Huerta for title shot. And loser of Kenny/Huerta fight loser of Penn/Sherk to be 2nd in line.

  • clint notestine says:

    I’m with trol fighting at 5k feet was a really lame idea on the UFC’s part. Boetsch is a fighter with limited resources and probably couldn’t train for the high altitude.

    I hope anal lava situation gets better cause we need more fightlinker/ponylinker content.

  • Cecil's Peeps says:

    Alves vs Karo stoppage was fine

  • dignan says:

    Great breakdown of the fights. I agree totally, right to giving that big dude a contract.

    Imagine if he had 3-6 months to train properly.

    I wasn’t impressed with Hamill at all. AGAIN. I don’t give a shit if he almost won or should’ve won last time, and won this time. He is slow as fuck, and I still can’t figure out how those slow punches still end up hitting his opponents.

  • dignan says:

    On a separate note…

    Whats with Karo showing up all fat? The dude looked out of shape, and back to his typical self.

    Karo and Alexander can join the Ken Shamrock School of Why the Fuck did you stop me from getting my head beat in.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    For a minute there I thought I was reading MMAJunkie’s Sunday mailbag.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Is Nate Diaz gonna have to choke a bitch to get a title shot? I really don’t understand why Lauzon got the main event over Nate, since Nate WON TUF and would eat J-LO for breakfeast.

  • ninjitsu says:

    I agree with the Tim Boetsch comments… You gotta give him kudos for taking a fight at high altitude on short notice.

    Can’t wait to see Tim fight when he’s given proper notice. Give this man a contract!

  • ninjitsu says:

    I’m tired of people bitching about ref stoppages. When you get knocked down and have your hands at your waist while some guy is beating on your face, you lost the fight.

    Also, when you’re mounted and can’t escape, you lost the fight. If the ref hadn’t have stopped it there’s no way you couldn’t give Ken that round 10-8.

  • Heydre says:

    Anyone else feel ripped off? They cheesed us into believing that we were getting 3 hours of fights and instead we got 2 hours of fights stretched over 3 hours. Psych…..

  • Xavier says:

    Yeah, I felt so ripped off for the seven fights I got to see for free. Tomorrow I sell off my car just so I can pay the rent after such a scam on their part.