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Ultimate Cooker

Yeah, today will be mostly TUF and Kimbo related. From TUF contestant Brendan Schaub’s (yeah, I haven’t noticed him on the show either) blog on MMA Junkie:

Kimbo had lost, but I was hoping we had not lost our chef. Kimbo was the grillmaster, and my big butt was thinking, “He is not going to want to cook after this fight.” I was wrong, and Kimbo continued to dazzle us with his cooking.

He makes this homemade honey BBQ sauce that has mustard and is simply amazing. I told him I would invest in his restaurant if he ever opened one.

He wouldn’t be the first MMA freakshow fighter to go down that route. Butterbean also owns his own restaurant called Mr Bean BBQ. And yeah, I still consider Kimbo a freakshow. Until he starts getting fights because he can fight and not because of his whole persona, that’s what he is. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that … at least he’s trying hard and not acting like a fucking tool.