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“Ultimate 100” to be released as ultimate box set

Memmer that week-long special the UFC did in July that featured the ‘top 100 fights’ in the promotion’s history? Me neither, but apparently it’s getting the Coliseum Home Video treatment this month:

The “UFC’s Ultimate 100: Greatest Fights,” a collection of the MMA promotion’s 100 greatest fights as decided on by a fan vote, will soon be available on DVD.

And unlike the five-part Spike TV series, which showed just clips of the 100 contests, the new DVD collection will offer all 100 fights in their entirety.

Anchor Bay Entertainment, the current distributor of UFC DVD’s, today announced that the eight-DVD set will be available on Nov. 10 for a suggested retail price of $99.97.

A Hi-Def box set with some of the greatest fights in MMA history? I must be in a “>Mariah Carey-style fantasy right now – if anyone pinches me, I’m stabbing them. Any fan that doesn’t need some tissue (open to interpretation) after hearing this must be some kind of robot. Yeah yeah, we know it’s a pretty weaksauce revisionists’ list that excludes seminal moments in the sport’s timeline, but you can’t help but be excited to see stuff like the following in 1080i with 7.1 surround sound:

– Matt Hughes vs. Sean Sherk
– Karo Parisyan vs. Nick Diaz
– Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo I
– Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida
– Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo I
– Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn II
– Rampage vs. Dan Henderson
– Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia
– Sam Stout vs. Spencer Fisher I
– Diego Sanchez vs. Nick Diaz
– Forrest Griffin vs. Rampage
– Forrest Griffin vs. Shogun
– Karo Parisyan vs. Diego Sanchez
– Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg I
And best of all:
– Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg II

Those fifteen fights alone are worth picking up the set; I’d drive 300 miles to buy a copy if I had to. It’s got its share of filler with junk like Paul Taylor vs. Paul Kelly, Mir vs. Nog and a bunch of Keith Jardine fights, but you can’t leave the set un-purchased because you’d just be spiting yourself. The only thing missing is Royce Gracie vs. Kimo. Maybe they’ll have that one in an “Ultimate 200” list 18 months from now when they get to UFC 200.

Like all purchases, Amazon has the best deals on the DVD and Bluray. And if you’re a jerk who doesn’t care about Canadians &feature=related”>terken oour jerbs, scope out to take advantage of the USD to CAD exchange rate. (It at least helps Ryan and Jake’s economy, so don’t feel too bad). The complete list of 100 fights included in the set is right here.