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UK events and time delays

Everyone appreciates the free cards on Spike and all, but a lot of us are getting pretty sick of the time delays on UK cards:

Second, and more pressing…why isn’t the show being shown live in the first place? I know reruns of shows like Manswers and Pros vs. Joes draw big numbers, but I think the network can put those on hold once every few months. On the West Coast, guess what we had airing from 6 PM up ’til the “live” card? OLD UFC CONTENT. I understand Spike wants the show on in prime time, but why not just air it back-to-back? Or live at 3 PM local time and then again at 9 in prime time?

Even if you escape the looming spectre of spoildom (and unfortunately, I did not, though I was spoiled in a very subtle way in a MLB playoff thread on a poker message board), any hardcore sports fan will vouch for a very different feeling while watching an event on tape delay. MMA has cemented itself as a legitimate sport AND, in the opinion of this writer, is the biggest cash cow for Spike. So, Spike, just give me my fights live and don’t try and sell it to me otherwise.

I don’t know how many of you guys got spoiled with results before watching the show, but it seems like it happened to a lot of people. Considering Chris Leben vs Michael Bisping was all about whether Leben could catch Bisping with a big one, I lost a HUGE amount of interest in the fight once I accidentally saw the post fight interview with Bisping while trying to tune in the event. I don’t think I’ve been as pissed since some lowlife ruined the end of Harry Potter. I gave that bastard a UFC 89 (also known as a shot to the groin), but ironically for UFC 89 there was no one around for me to UFC 89. So I just had to take it.

I know the UFC isn’t and shouldn’t be about the hardcore fans and that issues like this only affect those so plugged into MMA that a 6 hour delay is murder for them. But I’d like to throw my weight behind live broadcasts accessible to all and replays available for those who like their fights in the ‘typical’ timeslot.