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Word is that Evan Tanner’s comeback opponent will be none other than Yushin Okami AKA the world’s most boring fighter in the universe ever. I know Tanner is always saying we have to ‘believe in the power of one’, but Yushin Okami believes in the power of holding you down with superior wrestling and grinding out the most boring decisions this side of Sean Sherk.

This is just like Aliens vs Predator 2 all over again. I get all hyped up thinking something is going to rock and then God throws a monkey wrench into things and totally wrecks what I thought was an unwreckable concept. And just like Hollywood somehow managed to fuck up Aliens fighting Predators on Earth, the UFC is now setting shit up to fuck up Evan Tanner’s comeback. How can they do this? It’s practically obscene. They need to be stopped.

  • Ryan says:

    Okami’s not THAT boring… and his new-found PHOENIX power may give him the kick in the ass he needs.

    Tanner’s guard is sick… can’t wait to see this thing, especially if it’s an untelevised match, due to “War Machine” vs. “Rudeboy” or some other bullshit match. I’ll be there, suckas.

  • They’ll televise it. If Okami wins, they’ll HAVE to give him a title shot.

  • Andrej says:

    YUSHIN OKAMI Rules. Minus the fact he has to keep trying to finish fights. Dangerous oppenent, he did beat Kalib Starnes and Rory Singer finishing them. So I’m very intrested in this match.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Yeah andrej, that’s right, he finished both vagina face smelly starnes AND gay rory. ANDERSON SILVA WATCH OUT!

  • Zheroen says:

    Okami was like, a nanosecond away from finishing Mike Swick by pummeling. If it wasn’t in Swick’s hometown of Houston, I have no doubt that fight would have been stopped – Okami had Swick’s back and rained down about 72 unanswered punches to Swick’s head.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Im a huge Okami fan.. But i am a Tanner believe in one fan… My heart is torn. WHY UFC GOD PRICKS WHY!!! FUck.. I dont want to see my beloved two favorite fighers in middleweight fight (also Silva). FUCK.

    Reguardless, Okami is due for a shot, if he were to beat Tanner, then he deserves one.. If Okami loses.. he should be out of the UFC, reguardless of his new contract…. Win or lose, Tanner is martetable, he should be able to get another fight. This will be interesting on what happens after this fight…

    WHY!!!??!? FUCK.. Why couldnt Tanner fight MacDonald or Singer? FUCK

  • Method says:

    Okami beat Swick and nearly snapped Rich’s arm off with that chimera.

    He’s going to be a hellof a challenge for ET

  • FRANKIE says:

    Okami brought a Chimera into the cage? I didn’t know you could use mythological beasts in MMA fights. Now I wish I’d seen that fight.

  • Stellar53 says:

    Please let Evan beat the Quilt…..

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    “4Swedish guy
    Yeah andrej, that’s right, he finished both vagina face smelly starnes AND gay rory. ANDERSON SILVA WATCH OUT!”

    Haha man thats some funny shit………Fightlinker is right though, if he wins, he gets a title shot after Hendo……..

    GSP via 4th rd TKO

  • body shots says:

    Tanner signed a 4-fight contract but there’s always the ‘tear up’ clause.. I just hope he’s still slick off his back and has some damn good cardio to deal w/ Okami on top of him.. Good thing Okami doesn’t have Loiseau’s sick ass Elbows and Tanner is stronger than Swick as far as getting back up… sooooo he has a chance! I watch this highlight on mute all the time…

  • FRANKIE says:

    I’d forgotten just how nice Tanner’s sub game is. Thanks for the HLs. Clearly, with all the time off and personal problems, nobody knows what tanner’s going to look like when he gets back in the cage, but if he somehow manages to look like he used to I think he could give Okami a fuckload of trouble.

  • Frank Costello says:

    The real shocker will be when Yushin Okami reveals that he was the one all along that sank Evan Tanner’s boat and stole the UFC gear out of his car… all after he wins by decision. DA DA DUUUM!!!

  • Wu Tang says:


  • kentyman says:

    My buddies were out at a bar and a friend of mine said, “Hey, don’t look, but that girl over there is Gorgon-hot.”

    I said, “Gorgon-hot? Why Gorgon-hot?”

    He said, “‘Cause one look, and you’ll turn to bone.”

    I don’t think he quite remembered his Greek mythology correctly, but after 10 beers we all still found it hilarious.