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Uh oh

I know Dana White says he wakes up in his giant bed made of money every day prepared for bad news, but it seems like there’s been a lot more of it than usual for his promotion lately. I’m not talking about the Fedor lawsuit thing that might drag the company into court – the UFC’s law division is more stacked than their light heavyweight one and it’s record is pretty fucking scary. I’m talking about the UFC’s issues keeping headline fights alive … stuff like this must be enough to riddle matchmaker Joe Silva’s entire digestive system with penny sized ulcers:

Lesnar’s coach Greg Nelson has since told Yahoo! Sports that his fighter may not agree to the rescheduled January 2nd meeting if his health does not clear up very soon. This creates a problem for the UFC, which currently has four of its five champions on the injury list and one competing in December.

It’s news like this that makes me wonder if Dana regrets taking the WEC off the chopping block and renewing vows with Versus. If you’ve been keeping score, no Brock Lesnar at UFC 108 means we’ve only had 3 title defenses since UFC 100. Who would have thought that BJ Penn of all people would be the workhorse champion for the latter half of this year?