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Uggo to teach pretty boy how to act

Please allow me to offer one simple bit of advice to any MMA fighters trying to make it in Hollywood: don’t quit your day job. There’s about 20 different reasons why you shouldn’t quit your day job, but just believe me when I say it: Do not quit your day job! This is something Roger Huerta only realized after he’d burned his bridges with the UFC – not completely, but enough that he got the freeze out treatment from the org and is now sitting around without a fight contract twiddling his thumbs. But at least he’s getting some acting lessons from Mickey Rourke:

Roger Huerta is getting some choice instruction in his new life as a fighter/actor.

Almost a month after losing a hard-fought battle with Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 19, Huerta is studying acting with movie star Mickey Rourke and Rourke’s personal acting coach.

Huerta’s manager, Jeff Clark, said his fighter recently flew to New York at Rourke’s request.

“Mickey took him under his wing,” said Clark.

Man, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall watching Mickey teach Roger how to act. In my mind it plays out like an MMA version of Arrested Development. Here’s hoping Mickey doesn’t offer him any general life or career advice though. Roger is doing just fine fucking his career over without any more help, thank you very much.