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UFC’s PPV numbers are going up up up

Since promoters obviously have a few reasons to lie about stuff like this, Dave Meltzer has become go to man in the MMA industry for pay per view numbers. You’ve no doubt heard Dana’s talk that UFC 91 was gangbusters, UFC 92 beat UFC 91, and UFC 94 was set to kick both their asses. Now here’s confirmation on the numbers:

Update on PPV numbers. For UFC 91 (Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture), the show is at this point verified as doing 920,000 buys. It will probably end up just under or possibly just over one million when all late buys are tabulated. UFC 92 (triple main) is at 1 million. We don’t have a number for UFC 93 based on actual numbers, but trending data indicates about 320,000 buys, a shockingly high number, as it would have beat out the live UFC 90 from Chicago and been nearly 100,000 more buys than any prior U.K. show.

The improving numbers on the UK shows must make Zuffa management feel all warm and fuzzy. It wasn’t long ago that the second-rate cards combined with a 5 hour delay made most UK cards seem like the fat bitch at the club … yeah, you’ll sleep with her, but only if you were right horny and both your hands were broken. Now the UFC seems to have tapped into the fan equivalent of chubby chasers: people who will fuck anything that moves .. or rather, will buy anything with ‘UFC’ stamped on it.

To put things in perspective, Affliction’s estimate of 150,000 to 200,000 buys is half the number of the UFC’s shittiest shows. And many are still calling Affliction’s numbers a huge success!