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UFC’s next German target: Oberhausen

Those of you concerned that the idiot press in Germany (a day late on all news and a decade behind on the sport of MMA) managed to repulse the UFC invasion into their country can relax: there’s already plans to return early next year to a ‘city’ an hour north of Cologne:

“I believe that in April 2010, a second mixed martial arts event will be held at the [König-Pilsener] arena in Oberhausen,” he said recently. “They have expressed an interest. ”

Oberhausen is located at the western edge of Germany and is very close to the borders with Holland and Belgium.

With a population of around 220,000 it is far smaller than Cologne, which is home to approximately one million people. But the König-Pilsener Arena seats 13,000 and the city itself is well-positioned to draw fans from countries outside Germany.

Oberhausen looks more like the kind of place you want to celebrate Oktoberfest than hold an MMA event, but I suppose when you can drive anywhere in Europe in the time it takes me to drive from Montreal to Toronto (or fly anywhere for the price of a case of beer), it doesn’t really matter where you hold the damn thing, so long as it’s not too far east in those old Commie countries.