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UFCJunkie downgrades from UFC ‘heroin’ to MMA ‘methadone’

Due to a coke-fueled phone call at 3am in the morning from an anonymous member of UFCJunkie, I had a 24 hour scoop on the news that was switching it’s name to However, drug benders tend to make you paranoid, so I was sworn to secrecy. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can share my thoughts!

First off, I’m sure MMAJunkie’s lawyers are sighing a big sigh of relief. The chances a drunk but determined Chris Lytle will show up on Dana’s orders to serve papers have decreased significantly now. Legal issues aside, I’m also kinda excited to see where this goes, although I do kinda worry that the page will start drowning in ‘Big Bob’s Fighting Challenge 12’ news. Word to the wise: no one cares what washed up UFC fighters are doing! Unless it’s Evan Tanner, of course.

Now we wait and see if Junkie’s switch will cause the bucketloads of other sites with UFC in their URL to follow suite. God knows, most of them get all their news from UFCJunkie to begin with. Er … MMAJunkie that is. Damn, this is gonna be hard to remember.

  • johnny says:

    don’t knock Big Bob’s Fighting Challenge

    if it wasn’t for BBFC, there would be alot of “fighters” without green names on the UG

  • Ryan since you seem so into this stuff you’ll get an advanced notice from me. Keep kickin’ ass.

  • Dann says:

    Lytle did show up at my door once before to “enforce” a new name for the site. But after a little chatting and becoming friends, he just told me “to hug it out, bitch.”

    We’ve been swell friends ever since.