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UFC83 Weekend Update: Friday

Friday came and went much like Thursday. We hit up the weigh-ins and got in for the UFC Fight Club Q&A with Dana White. Dana sure comes off like a dick to the press but he was the nicest guy to all these people … half the questions weren’t questions, they were people asking for hugs and photos and autographs and he suffered that shit better than us fans, who began booing all the girls who would waste everyone’s time with that.

Nothing too interesting to report from the weigh-ins … Arianny was great, she’s practically a mime up there doing all sorts of exagerated facial expressions to kinda make a ‘show’ out of everything. When two of the fighters had to strip down, she made all these ‘sneaky eye’ motions like she was trying to see people’s cocks (although I should note, she did actually check out Ed Herman’s doink). I got a good amount of footage from the weigh-ins, including about 5 minutes of ultra-zoom close up on their boobs. I know, I was drunk.

The most interesting thing from all that was Matt Serra coming out. At first he only got a bit of a boo, but when he started talking on the mic everyone literally drowned him out, which was impressive since the mic volume was at ear bleeding levels. While it was cool, it was also pretty classless of us fans. Call it a guilty pleasure.

Afterwards, we went and got more drunk, then headed to Foufounes to get even drunker. We got so drunk in fact that we were falling down stairs and such, sooooooo we decided it was better to catch a cab home before we forgot where we lived. So no Randy Couture pre-party for us, sorry for those who missed us there.

We’re just heading downtown again … I know the coverage of the weekend thus far has been shit but I’m a fan first and I don’t wanna miss out on fun with all the jackals in town. I gotta say, Tracy from CombatLifestyle is way more hardcore than me, she spent half of Thurs/Fri in her hotel room just promoting her blogs on forums etc. If I was half as good and dedicated as her, I’d probably be rich or some shit. But I’d rather go out drinking and carousing and having a good time :-p Maybe on my deathbed I’ll regret it but right now I’m just having too much fun.