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UFC75 Quick Thoughts

  • Houston Alexander is officially the hottest shit in the UFC right now. If you thought he was overhyped before, prepare yourselves: internet forums around the world will be heralding him like the second coming of Jesus Christ. Of course, logic states you can’t take two wins over tepid opponents to mean all that much. It’s time to put this guy in the ring with some real competition. It’s too bad they fired Babalu because he would have been the perfect litmus test.
  • Jess Liaudin displayed some pretty awesome striking for the second fight in a row. Him and Marcus Davis should be on a collision course to determine who deserves a shot to crack into the crowded welterweight contender picture. And as much as I respect Davis after he managed to come back in his fight against Paul Taylor, I think Liaudin will wreck him.
  • Quinton Jackson really impressed me with his careful and methodical win over Dan Henderson. I remember all the questions people were asking about Jackson last year … right after he found God he lost a lot of fights. Fortunately God doesn’t like being repped by a loser, so he sent Juanito Ibarra to sort his soldier out. Now Jackson is a new man, and you could see it in this fight. While Rampage could have let his hands go a bit more, I can’t criticize him because his gameplan worked and he clearly beat Henderson from start to finish.
  • Houston Alexander is the equivalent of Sokojou. They are overnight sensations (slight exageration).

  • Now there would be the perfect fight for these two guys!

  • Liaudin vs Davis has already been discussed by the fighters and Joe Silva.

    It has been mooted that they fight in January (which is when the next UFC UK is scheduled for, but not yet confirmed). Though I know for a fact Liaudin is reluctant to fight in January for personal reasons.

    Both fighters said in the post-fight press conference they would be happy to meet. Liaudin even considered going to train with Davis but after considering tey may meet down the line decided against it.

  • ps Houston Alexander is a REALLY nice guy

  • Matt says:

    Houston “WE have a problem” is the best nickname ever

  • johnny says:

    Houston Alexander, while impressive, is still untested in my eyes.

  • johnny says:

    If I may add, I like Marcus Davis and his next fight should be against someone with more of a “name” (with all due respect to his previous opponents)

    However his interviews,well, how can i say this…His interviews are very “Oh Gosh, Mister”. I mean, he makes Opie Taylor look like Sylvester Stallone’s character in “The Lords of Flatbush”

    Might I suggest that he get a person to handle his post fight interviews. Hell, I was gonna say Sherri Martel but she is dead. Then again, a dead female pro wrestling manager who painted her face with masacara like that one girl from Rock of Love paints her face with cum is more intimidating then Marcus Davis’ post fight interviews

  • Jonathan says:

    I wonder what excuse the UFC will have for Mirko losing? He trained and a cage and was used to elbows now…

  • intenso says:

    imagine how badass Houston Alexander would be if headbutts were allowed

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    I absolutely knew Rampage was going to win by decision. I fucking nailed it and I have a few hundred$ worth of pretend online cash to prove it.

  • maafaka says:

    hail & kuddos to the french squad !
    … not bad for a country where MMA is forbidden…

  • What’s the point of submission fighting when the entire nation has already surrendered?