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UFC74 Miscellaneous

Here’s a more traditional list of predictions for you. I’m not really going to break down each fight and who will win … I’m more into condemning than predicting. So here’s all you’re gonna get outta me regarding tonight!

Premature Stoppage of the Night:
Gonzaga/Couture – I’ve already mentioned Herb Dean’s luck in getting stuck with the hard calls. In this case an early stoppage is definately going to be beneficial to Gonzaga … is Herb going to give Couture the same time he would give a younger fighter to get out of some tricky positions? If Gonzaga manages to line up more than three strikes that look effective, my bet is on Herb stopping things.

Best Fight of the Night?
Do you even have to ask me? Clay Guida vs Marcus Aurelio is pretty much guaranteed to be fight of the night. Not like we’re gonna get to see it. Boo-Urns

Worst Fight of the Night?
Frank Mir vs Antoni Hardonk. In Hardonk’s last match against Justin McCully, he showed that he doesn’t have the skills on the ground to do anything. Well, that’s where Mir is gonna keep this. Add in the fact that both guys aren’t exactly cardio machines and we have another boring heavyweight matchup on our hands.

Upset of the Night
Alberto Crane will take out Roger Huerta. His lucky knockout of John Halverson aside, Huerta has proven himself to be a slow starter. He’s put himself into dumb positions he’s managed to escape from in the past, but Alberto Crane has serious BJJ cred and I think this one will end quick.

  • hankd says:

    I hope you’re right about Crane…I’ve got a little money on him…

    I don’t expect to see Guida – Aurelio…it’ll probably be a 3 rd war / decision that they can’t squeeze in…. :-(

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I hope Dean doesn’t fuck up this fight like he did the CC vs GG fight. Should have left it on the ground so CC could have taken that minute to recover his vision. Damn you Herb Dean. Damn you.

  • Andrej says:

    Herb Dean rescued Cro Crop in a way by standing up the fight. Gabriel Gonzaga would have dominated him more so on the ground. That is why Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga is intresting because both have good ground game’s.

  • Jonathan says:

    It looks like Guida/Aurelio was NOT the fight of the night. Pretty boring from what pBp I have seen.

  • ajadoniz says:

    Is Hardonk just too old to evolve anymore? I think he has a really good striking base, it’s just, he stinks on the ground.. a lot.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Yeah, your totally right about that. When I saw the standup, I knew it was a bullshit call, but I didn’t care cause I thought that CC would make GG pay. But, since that didn’t happen and my favorite fighter got his head taken off, I’m gonna be a bitch and say Herb is a fuck up and it was all his fault.

  • Jonathan says:

    What do you mean too old to evolve?

  • Jonathan says:

    Fuck that piece of shit Gonzaga.

    May he burn in fucking hell.

  • Kid Nate says:

    Clay vs Aurelio was dud of the night. Clay did the brawlNstall to avoid Aurelio’s BJJ. Lame. Good call by Dana not to air that fight. Too bad they didn’t air the Babalu disgrace. Bloody and a foul at the end. Controversial.

  • Andrej says:

    Got to give Gonzaga credit, Fought hard through a broken Nose and you can’t fault the guy. He fought with his heart till Randy won in the third. So why the fuck would you call him a peace of shit? Jonathan, you are pathetic human and you are worth way less than shit!!!!! Show some respect !!!

  • Jonathan says:

    I’ll answer your question Andrej. He didn’t fight…he threw some punches and some kicks, but he just stood there against the fence and..well, kind of cuddled Randy Couture. I saw this fight tonight and I looked at it as Randy just beating the shit out of Gonaga and Gonzaga not doing a damn thing about it.

    Andrej…I am not pathetic and nor are you and nor is Gonzaga. It just really pissed me off that he lost…and it still does.

  • ajadoniz says:

    Jonathan, to me it seems that it’s harder for him to evolve because most of his fighting career has been striking and now he is around 30. he needs a decent sprawl if he expects to get anywhere in the HW stack.

  • ajadoniz says:

    sounds like someone lost some cash/hair/both.

  • Andrej says:

    Sorry about my comment to you Jonathan. I had hoped Gonzaga would have won but he did not. There is no way in hell that Gabriel Gonzaga will not come back from this. Randy Couture vs Antonio Nogueira need’s to happen!!!

  • Jonathan says:

    That is just it…I didn’t lose any money or hair or anything like that. On MMA that fight took me from a 7/9 card to a 6/9 card…and that just pissed me off to no end.

  • Jonathan says:

    I see your point Ajadoniz…to me, he never seemed like the kind of fighter that needed to do MMA at all…just stick to kickboxing.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Man I hate Joe Stevenson. His Sherkish boringness made me like three years older today.

  • Well, he won’t be flapping his trap for a while … his jaw is broken and now who knows who the UFC will field to fight Penn? Might as well just give it to BJ by default 😉

  • Andrej says:

    How about Thiago Tavares/Tyson Griffin vs BJ Penn for the Title. That would be a good battle in my opinion. much better than Joe Stevenson or Sean Sherk (Boring as hell).

  • Ryan says:

    We need to see Guida/Huerta, Tavares/Griffin vs. Thomas/Florian, and Fisher should fight Stevenson when they’re both degimped. Yup, BJ gets it by default pretty much. Or they could bring over some god damn pride guys. Where the hell is Melendez? Hansen? I can see why Japanese LWs don’t want to come to the US, there’s a big enough market in Japan for them to stay. But the UFC has no excuse for not bringing over those guys, esp. when they speak both speak English.

  • anderson says:

    damn miss cleo… suck!

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Everyone has been talking about HW Gonzaga’s LIGHTNING QUICK, DEVASTATING kicks. That KO over CroCop was not a fluke!

    Apparently, that one that Randy blocked with his left arm BROKE HIS ARM!!! Randy is all heart. Not only did Gonzaga land a few good punches and kicks to his dome, but he was also fighting with a broken arm!

  • DJ Hapa says:

    All you people putting Griffin in the mix for the LW title need to remember one name: Frank Edgar. He beat Griffin, so STFU, MFers.

  • BK says:

    Herb Dean Is A Garbage Ref!!!