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UFC wants to be the new Coke

I’m often pretty harsh with the UFC for their abysmal pay rate for fighters. On one hand I don’t want pay to get out of hand like it has in boxing, but on the other hand I don’t think anyone fighting in the UFC should have to work a second job to break 30k a year after fighting expenses. Most people see the UFC raking in millions at the gates and 20+ millions through pay per view and they wonder where the fuck all that money is going. Well, not all of it is going into Zuffa’s pockets. A lot of it is being put back into promoting the sport and the UFC as a brand:

Billings for the account have been estimated in the $20 million range, contingent on the brand campaign launching–a significant upgrade from the $2.8 million UFC spent a year ago in measured media, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

That might seem like a lot of money at first, but I’ve got my doubts about those figures. ‘Measured media’ includes all television, radio and print ads. If the UFC managed to do what it did in 2006 on 2.8 million, that’s pretty fucking impressive. Even 20 million seems low when you consider the money they’ve spent on marketing just in the UK:

Fertitta said the company is spending $4.5 million to market the UFC brand in the U.K. alone. And that doesn’t include the $1.4 million the UFC spent to market Saturday’s event.

The UFC is also dropping some decent coin in Mexico, trying to chip away at the stranglehold boxing has on the region. There’s also retard talk about an event in Europe, and possibly even the wilderness of Canadia. No word yet on if that event will be held in a giant igloo or beaver dam.

Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty good decision to pour money into the sport … something boxing hasn’t done and is paying the price for now. People like to think mixed martial arts is here to stay, but I wouldn’t be so sure. If it goes down I’ll go back to being that creepy guy who blogs about Gilmore Girls. So I’m glad the UFC has the foresight to be putting a good chunk of the cash they’re making into locking the sport into the mainstream mind. Although how about paying these fighter guys a little bit more too, huh?

  • intenso says:

    nah it makes for a better fight if you need to win to pay the rent

  • On the other hand, coaches cost money.

  • Dana says:

    What the fuck do you know Jackass

  • kermit.01 says:

    Gilmore Girls is done dude.. You’ll have to blog about the Bionic Woman, or Prison Break, it seems like its going to go on forever.

  • also Dana says:

    Yeah, you internet blog site websites are all crooked!
    i say this through gritted teeths

  • garth says:

    what’s with Random capitalization? pEople take a very cavalier Attitude towards Capitalizing Wierd Words in sentences. I Generally Try To Just Use Lower-Case LETTers IN MY Sentences, makes It Easier.
    you Jackass! *grit grit grit*

  • garth says:

    if you want to be Really Creepy, blog about shit like That’s So Raven. That would pretty much freak me out, you pervert. that was a pre-emptive pervert comment, just to generally cover any future as well as current perversion.

  • Accomando says:

    Way off topic, but I got the lowdown, and that totally wasn’t Guida’s girlfriend that you posted with him at that WEC event. She is the bitch of one of the gilbert brothers, you know, the guys who train Guida. They were cornering another one of thier fighters, that’s why Guida was sitting with her and made it look like he was hittin’ it.

    Sorry if this was already brought to your attention.

  • garth says:


    *grit grit grit*

  • Tommy says:

    Maybe they are underpaid a bit but really not all that much. Like with every other company people love to see the dollars come in but turn a blind eye to expenditures. The list is really too long to name but it’s crazy. The boss is always rich and the employees are always underpaid. Whatever. Plus boxing and this sport can’t be compaired. Once again fans really pay the bills. In boxing fighters fight over 50 amateur fights before going pro and then work there way up the ranks. They build there fan base, it takes years. MMA they have 4-6 good fights there in the big show and want millions? Please.

  • Tommy says:

    I’m stoned as always…’their’

  • Thomas says:

    who gives a flying f–k if (insert name of one dimensional jiu-jitsu guy here) and (insert name of generic undefeated wrestler from small show) makes 2K to show and 2K to win.
    Don’t like the payscale then watch baseball. They have a bunch of overpaid assholes over there.
    In Conculsion,

  • Terrence Halladay says:

    their not pouring money into “the sport” their pouring money into the ufc brand. did you read the part of that article where it says that they want people to say ultimate fighting instead of saying mma?

  • UFC = part of the sport. Spending money on UFC is spending money on the sport :-p