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UFC wants Mirko vs Tito at UFC 99

As Europe becomes more and more of a focal point (hmmm that’s a weird word, looks too much like fecal) for the UFC, the Fighters Only website has become the place to go for news. Today they have all the goods on Mirko Crocop. Here’s the deal: the UFC is working to bring him back for UFC 99 in Germany, but it would have to be a multi-fight contract and they’re pressing for him to come in at 205 pounds.

Possible opponents for the Croatian include Mark Coleman and Tito Ortiz … yep, you heard me. With the Affliction ship set to sink after this weekend’s show, does it really surprise you that the rats are already prepping to jump ship? While it amazes me that Tito would be willing to put his career back into the hands of a man that literally torpedoed it in 2008, I suppose it’s not like there are many other viable options at this point.

Anyways, the main complication here is the fact that Dana wants Crocop at 205 and Crocop wants Crocop at heavyweight. I have to wonder if this is gonna be a fatal sticking point … will Dana be willing to pay Mirko the big piles of money neccessary if he doesn’t get to at least dictate some of the terms?