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The UFC wanted Toney vs Kimbo after all

James Toney is fighting Randy Couture at UFC 118 in Boston, which seems like a pretty smart booking by the UFC when you think about it: they’re both champions in their sport, and they’re both older than dirt. But the fight had more to do with Couture sniffing out an easy payday than a lot of deep thinking by Zuffa. The original plan was actually Toney vs Kimbo:

“The person I wanted to fight right off the bat was Brock Lesnar,” Toney said in a live chat with “He’s a champion, I’m a champion and I wanted to do it. But they said I couldn’t do that. Then they said, ‘How about Kimbo?’ But I said, ‘That’s too easy. That’s like kicking a little kid’s butt.’ But then Randy started saying he wanted to fight me, so I said, ‘OK, you’re the first one getting it.'”

So to recap, Toney asked for Lesnar, the UFC countered with Kimbo, and they ended up somewhere in the middle. Too bad for Kimbo, who I guess didn’t fit in with any other UFC booking plans and ended up unemployed soon after. He probably could have beaten Toney too the same way he trounced Ray Mercer. Boxers are always ‘I’m the greatest, I’m gonna whup that ass!’ until someone runs into them and drags them to the ground.