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UFC vs the Criminal Code of Canada

Tucked into an article about how Moncton, New Brunswick is banning MMA for six months is this tidbit on the UFC’s continued efforts to legalize mixed martial arts across Canada:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has enlisted the services of former Ontario premier David Peterson’s law firm to change Section 83 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Ontario interprets the code differently than other provinces and this has proven to be a major obstacle for MMA.

The UFC also plans to stage a card in Vancouver next June if it can get approval from city council. It has already met with B.C. Attorney General Mike de Jong.

After lobby efforts in New York led to council voters balking at the last second, I was kinda on the fence about how much success the UFC would have trying to change laws in Canada. But man, how smart is it to hire a law firm run by a former provincial premiere? Even though David Peterson hasn’t been Grand Poobah of Ontario for almost 20 years, he still seems deep in the game and has been involved in several of the recent ‘big’ Canadian political stories. We’ve been hearing Dana White talk about how he’s gonna crack the Canada nut for a while now, and here’s some evidence of how they’re going about it.