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UFC vs Agents

Dana White has always had a hate/hate relationship with agents, but this latest example of banning an entire fight camp on account of their agent is a disturbing new escalation in the situation. Ivan Trembow has an awesome diatribe on the whole situation that lays out what’s so fucked up about all this:

It’s crystal clear in USA Today’s interview with Dana White that what the UFC is trying to do is separate the fighters from their managers, whose job is to look out for the best interests of the fighter (as opposed to just signing whatever the UFC orders the fighters to sign).

White cites Mike Swick as an example of a model employee, a “partner” as he words it, who called White personally and said to forget about his management because he’s with the UFC.

White says in the same interview that if Fitch would just call him and do the same thing (ie, separate himself from his management and agree to sign what the UFC wants him to sign), that White would do that in two seconds.

The message to fighters is clear: If you want to keep fighting in the UFC, but your manager or lawyer advises you against signing the merchandising agreement, you can just ditch your manager, contact me directly, and sign whatever I tell you to sign.