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UFC Video Game Bridesmaid at E3

(it’s a 50/50 chance this is the only way you’ll get to see Rampage in the Octagon in 2009)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was held last weekend in Los Angeles and the new UFC title garnered a bit of attention. Outside of lowering masturbation rates and Mountain Dew sales for one weekend every year, the popcorn ball of all things nerd also hands out some nifty video game awards in different categories. This year’s winner for the highly competitive “Best Sports Game” award went to Shaun White Snowboarding, regardless of what UFC’s website says. However, of note in the runner-up circle was UFC 2009 Undisputed, THQ’s not-so-soon-to-be-released UFC-licensed game.

It’s odd that a game whose tentative release date is NYE ’09 is already being considered for awards. Hopefully, the date doesn’t get pushed back any farther by the usual game development glitches, publisher setbacks or losing an E3 award to some jive-talking cracker’s videogame about a lame ass sport that’s on par with curling, though with a hint of THC. In consolation, Undisputed kept good company in defeat, losing alongside NHL ’09, Wii Sports Resort and surprisingly the Republic of Croatia, the perennial third-place powerhouse in genocide and Olympic basketball.

(Yup, another new writer on board. You might remember Ram Maramba from his writings at Five Ounces of Pain. Now we’re lucky enough to have him over here. It’s only his first post and already he’s throwing masturbation references in. I think he’ll fit in nicely.)