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UFC Undisputed predicts Bendo win

UFC Undisputed 3 just came out in stores this week and while I’m seeing lots of glowing reviews on all the gamer sites I haven’t seen a whole lot of gushing from the fan community. I totally got that when it came to the last Undisputed, which was basically the same game for another 70 bucks. But come on people, this one has PRIDE mode! Soccer punting grounded opponents in the face! A submission system that doesn’t involve jacking your controller off! What more could you want???

To help promote the game, THQ has released this ‘simulation’ of Saturday’s main event fight between Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar. That basically just means the computer played itself and there’s no reason to put any scientific stock into the results, but for what it’s worth our future computer overlords have Benson winning this one in the fourth round via submission. You heard it here first folks. Take your rent checks and bet it all on Bendo Sub R4!