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UFC Undisputed 2010 deets are out

EA has been slowly leaking out roster info about their MMA video game over the past few weeks and it kinda looked like they were getting a leg up on game promotion over THQ thus far. But this weekend THQ finally lifted up Undisputed 2010’s skirt and showed us it’s improved genitalia … MMA Convert was nice enough to create a very long bullet list of the changes. While that list does include some improvements to the submission system, an interview with game developer Omar Kendall reveals that the dreaded knob polisher submission system will still be in place:

GS: There was some criticism of the submission system in UFC 2009–the button mashing/stick rolling wasn’t a particular favorite and there seemed to be a lack of flash submits. How has the submit system changed this time around? Is submission success still tied to your opponent’s stamina level?

OK: While we’ve done quite a bit of tinkering with the submission system, the stick rolling method of submission execution and escape (known semiofficially as The Shine) will return. It’s something that’s steadily become a signature element of the game, and we’re pretty fond of it. What we did want to change was the button mashing/brute force escape we utilized last year. This enabled fighters with high strength to be just as good at getting out of submissions as fighters with high submission defense.

Now all fighters will utilize The Shine, but the parameters that govern the success of getting out of a submission have changed. For UFC Undisputed 2010, the submission calculations will use either a fighter’s submission defense or his current energy level expressed as a percentage–whichever is higher. For example, let’s say a fighter has a submission defense skill of 50. If the fighter has 100 stamina and full (100 percent) energy, the game will look at this energy level, and the fighter will have a great chance of getting out of a submission. If the fighter has 100 stamina and has used the majority of his energy reserves, the game will look at the fighter’s submission defense skill; in this case, shine hard! We feel this system is fairer to players and more representative of how an actual submission struggle would go down.

As for flash submissions, all we can say is stay tuned! We’ve overhauled much more of the submission system, and we can’t wait to show it off.

Fingers crossed. I gave up on UFC 2009 based on the shallow ass sub system. And the Shine. The motherfucking Shine.

On another UFC 2010 note, I found it amusing that Paulo Thiago basically begged to be in the video game after beating Mike Swick. Did he not realize that he was already in the thing? In fact, a lot of the press pictures floating around featured him beating the tar out of Swick and submitting him (as seen above). I suppose you can’t blame him for not knowing … he probably thought he’d have to sign some kinda release papers or something. Little did he realize you can’t get into the UFC anymore without signing your video game rights away on arrival.