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UFC trying to go through the backdoor in New York

Rather than tackling New York City head on, the UFC is taking the sneaky route by putting pressure on smaller cities in New York state to legalize the sport:

“Our events have brought millions of dollars in tax and tourist revenue to nearly every city we have held an event in,” said UFC president Dana White. “Once New York joins New Jersey, Pennsylvania and 30 other states in regulating mixed martial arts, we will be thrilled to offer a UFC event this year to an upstate city and replicate its success all over the state.”

A bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale, is on the state Assembly’s tourism, arts and sports education development committee’s agenda.

To make mixed martial arts happen in New York, the bill would have to be passed in Albany and signed by Gov. David Paterson. The sport would be regulated by the state Athletic Commission.

This is a fucking genius move in my opinion. NYC is full of stuffy fucks that don’t give a shit about a few extra tourism bucks. They’d rather just keep promoting the status quo rather than stick their neck out and do something that might cost them votes down the line. But for an area like Albany, the roughly 11 million bucks in tourist dollars the UFC attracts to a region per event must seem pretty damn tantalizing.