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UFC tries to be nice about the whole ‘stripping’ thing

The UFC has tucked away news of Sherk’s belt strip in an article titled ‘Penn, Stevenson to Battle for UFC Lightweight Title on January 19th‘. They also pussyfoot around the word ‘stripped’ in favor of ‘withdrawing recognition’:

After the California State Athletic Commission decision on Dec. 4 to reduce, but uphold, Sean Sherk’s suspension for a positive banned substance test, the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization withdrew recognition from Sherk as UFC Lightweight Champion.

BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson will now compete for the 155-pound championship in the main event of January 19th’s UFC 80: RAPID FIRE card in Newcastle, England.

“I have nothing but respect for Sean Sherk and I believe he’s been honest throughout this whole process,” said UFC President Dana White. “But BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson will be fighting for the lightweight title at UFC 80 on January 19th and Sean Sherk will fight the winner for the title.”

Now that this is all settled, we can all move on with our goddamn lives and never speak of this whole incident ever again. Except when Sherk comes out and acts like a big baby over being stripped. And when BJ Penn makes fun of Sherk. And pretty much any time we talk about anyone else getting nailed for steroids. Okay, we aren’t letting this die any time soon, I suppose. So uh … never mind!

  • Ted Dibiase says:


    BJ Penn should be holding a belt

  • fightfan says:

    SO really Sherk WAS NOT stripped…….becasue Sherk had to win his next fight against BJ or Stevenson to walk away with the belt???

    So really he doesnt have the belt for a couple weeks, and has the chacne to get it back immediately almost

  • frickshun says:

    This is absolute bullshit. The guy tests positive & gets an immediate title shot? He should have to fight at least ONCE before getting a title shot. Otherwise, all that really happened is that he had to sit out 1 fight. Plus, I like him even less (if that’s possible). Maybe while he’s sitting out he learned how to finish top level opponents.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Yeah, he should be punished and wait for a title shot. But, I’m willing to let it slide cause it means we get to see Penn vs Sherk real soon. Fuckin Awesome grudge match in which Penn will punish Sherk.

  • operator says:

    Where will Sherks title fight take place since he vowed never to fight in California again. If he wins the title again the UFC will have to be flexible and try to schedule his fights out of the state since he is boycotting Cali. BJ will have to dominate his fight with Stevenson then Sherk for me to get on that band wagon.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Please, if BJ was able to fuck up Hughes once, and nearly again a second time, what makes you think he’ll have trouble with Stevenson or Sherk, whose basically a much cheaper version of Hughes.