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UFC to pack fighters in bubble wrap between fights

Having your heavyweight champion bounced across 100 yards of pavement wasn’t enough to make the UFC stop fighters from riding motorcycles, but losing the Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar superfight to Aldo riding his moto around the deathroads of Brazil was apparently the last straw.

Sources have told that new bout agreements issued for the latest round of fights that have been signed include an additional clause to prevent “dangerous activities” from taking place.

Some of these activities include snowboarding, wakeboarding, and mountain climbing, as well as driving a motorcycle or participating in any kind of exhibition game for sports like basketball or football.

The fighters enter into this new contract when signing a bout agreement for a fight being scheduled. This is not an amendment to new contracts as a whole, only bout agreements. Essentially, when a fighter signs on for a fight they are now contractually held to not participate in ‘dangerous activities’ outside of normal recreational sports like swimming or hiking.

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has already voiced how he’s hotter than a two dollar pistol over the UFC Fun Police’s latest edict, and I can understand why. I bet when the eggheads in legal were putting together a list of dangerous activities they just looked at what Cowboy does and said don’t do that. This probably won’t even solve the UFC’s injury problems … Gypsy Curse Lady’s favorite hexspot is the gym, where dudes be blowing out ACLs and wrenching shoulders out of joint like it’s going out of style. Seems to me like the most dangerous thing an MMA fighter can do leading up to a fight is train. They’d probably have a better chance of making it to the event if they cancelled their training camps and did nothing but wakeboard and bullride.