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UFC tinkers with UFC85

So here’s the deal thus far with UFC85:

Chuck’s out of his fight against Rashad Evans. Replacing him will be … James ‘Shit Luck’ Irvin? There’s a kick to the nuts right there. I close my eyes and try to imagine how a UK fan would react and I imagine it would be along the line of “FUCK BOLLOCKS THE TITS WANKER BLIMEY PISS OFF CRUMPET”

On a more positive note, word is Michael Bisping is stepping up to take on Chris Leben as a new headlining match. There’s an interesting match, although I dunno if it takes away from the sting of Chuck going off the card. Again I try to concentrate and get into the mind of a British fan: is Michael Bisping the GSP of England? My inner limey says probably not, but someone’s gonna get ten bells kicked out of em in that match, and that leaves me chuffed for it. Crumpet!