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The UFC tackles Canada’s criminal code

While New York continues to get optimistic babble that it might possibly legalize MMA soon despite the situation looking worse and worse, Toronto – long expected to be an epic bitch to sort out – might fall to some smart politicking of the UFC, who are attacking the issue at a federal level:

“There’s what is called the criminal code in the country of Canada, and it’s interpreted differently in different provinces,” Ratner said. “In Quebec they read it one way. In Alberta they read it one way. But yet in the province of Ontario, they’re saying the law only calls for prizefighting, which is boxing, and that anything else would not be included.”

“One of our lawyers, Mike Mersch, he’s our vice president (of) legal,” Ratner said. “He’ll be there I think on Monday to address Ottawa and the different legislators there. So we’re working on that. We think we have a good chance of getting the words ‘mixed martial arts’ included in the criminal code.

“We think that’ll make it easier in Canada and take a lot of the arguments away.”

I’m glad that the final important states and provinces are falling in line because at this point the UFC really needs to put more time into Marc Ratner’s next pet project: fixing the reffing and judging situation in MMA. Unfortunately, the current commission system is full of cronyism and seems infuriatingly resistant to reform. And it’s much harder to ‘lobby’ commissions than it is politicians because with commissions, that’s called bribery.