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UFC sues Take Two over shitty video game

The UFC is suing Take Two Interactive, the company that publishes Grand Theft Auto. What’s the case all about? Well, it’s pretty simple:

The suit revolves around a deal for the game rights to the UFC brand that was originally struck by two parties who aren’t actually involved with the current case. According to the suit, in July of 1999, then-UFC-owner Semaphore Entertainment Group struck a five-year deal with Crave Entertainment for games based on the mixed martial arts brand. However, Zuffa purchased the UFC organization in 2001, and Take-Two received the rights to make games based on it in 2003 when it acquired TDK Mediactive, which had obtained the rights from Crave. A revised agreement between Zuffa and Take-Two extended the deal until March of 2005, with the publisher then being given a 180-day grace period during which it could sell off any existing inventory.

So to summarize, Take Two didn’t check the fucking calendar and now the billz gotta be paid! Truth be told, I’d be pissed off if I was the UFC … the game in question, Sudden Impact, was a total turd. Check out this screenshot of the ‘action’. The detail of the fighters is so impressive, they actually got the skin tone right. Oh wait, that’s the only thing they got right. What a piece of shit.