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UFC: Stop booking heavyweight squash matches

Here’s the deal: no one gives a shit about most of the heavyweight fighters in the UFC. But the UFC is so busy trying to nurture the few decent heavyweights they have that they’ve turned the division into a bigger joke than it already was. Which is an impressive feat to say the least. So let me lay this out … here’s how you can divide up the heavyweight division:


  • Randy Couture
  • Shane Carwin
  • Junior Dos Santos
  • Gabriel Gonzaga
  • Cheik Kongo (borderline good but getting better)
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Frank Mir
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  • Cain Velasquez


  • Mostapha Al Turk
  • Neil Grove
  • Antoni Hardonk
  • Heath Herring (borderline bad but getting worse)
  • Justin McCully
  • Denis Stojnic
  • Stefan Struve
  • Mike Wessel


  • Pat Barry
  • Mike Ciesnolevicz

So now that we have that sorted out, can we please STOP putting fighters in the good pile against fighters in the bad pile? Sure, it’s kinda fun getting to see some poor outmatched shlub get his block knocked off. But these fights ultimately mean nothing and don’t do shit to advance the heavyweight division. So come on … stop putting Cawin, Velasquez, Kongo, and Dos Santos against virgins, losers, and fatties. Put them against each other, or other dudes in the Good pile. And if you must keep the bad fighters around, let them flail around against eachother on the undercard.