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UFC still a ‘Nein’ on German TV

While the UFC is returning to Germany this year with less controversy than they caused last year, they’ve still got a pretty big problem: pesky ‘human dignity’ provisions in the German constitution keep the sport off national TV. So what’s the update with that?

“We’ve been through a couple of hearings, and depending on what happens at which level and who appeals what, the soonest would be around six months,” Zelaznik said, “But it could be another nine to 12 months.”

The success of the lawsuit could carry major implications for the UFC’s broadcast footprint within the country.

“There are networks that broadcast from within other states within Germany who have shown interest in the UFC but aren’t prepared to commit to the UFC until this lawsuit is resolved,” Zelaznik said. “So we have options that we’re waiting to take advantage of once the litigation is gone.”

For the time being, Zuffa has teamed up with sports site to stream the event to anyone in Germany who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get it. Although I would like to remind you that any attempt to access this show through non-official means is illegal and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    That’s kind of sad… the only one who cares enough about UFC 122 to comment on this is… a bot.

  • pewnt says:

    This is the same resistance that the UFC gets from A LOT of places. They will work it out sooner, or later. Zuffa is not afraid to spend money to get into markets they want.

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  • Nachtfalter says:

    Aaaarrrgh… damn the spammers!

    Btw, Ryan, I’m not so sure UFC 122 will in fact stream on Spox. I know would seem to indicate that, but on Spox itself, while there is a lot of UFC advertising, there is no mention at all of any kind of a live stream. And to my knowledge (being German and all) Spox isn’t really in the streaming business. They’re pretty much your vanilla sports news site but I don’t know if they’ve ever streamed any kind of broadcast live. At the very least, though, they’re the first of their kind in Germany to report on the UFC (not counting articles condemning the sport, that is). Definitely a step forward.

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