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UFC says “Fuck you Xyience”

The UFC has a history of being the tightest cocksuckers in the business. If they think they can squeeze you for a penny, they’ll try for a dime. They continued this tradition last night by blurring out the logo of their biggest sponsor, Xyience, during the entire Countdown to UFC71 show. Some people are thinking this might mean there’s trouble in the relationship between Xyience and the UFC. My bet is Xyience just wasn’t willing to pay for the exposure, and the UFC will be damned if they’ll actually do anything for free.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this kind of shit. Tito Ortiz complained that the Punishment Athletics logo is always blurred out on all UFC shows, just another way ‘The Man’ is keeping him down. And of course every time I pull my cock out at the live shows, they blur it out on the DVDs. I’m like what the fuck did I pay for ringside seats?

UPDATE: Looks like all the blurring might have to do with the fact that Xyience is no longer sponsoring Chuck Liddell. Probably because Chuck realized Xyience Cran-Apple tastes like radioactive frog jizz. Or his new contract demanded seven buxom Xyience girls be delivered to his bed every month.

  • billythekid78 says:

    UPDATE: Had nothing to do with Chuck. Had nothing to do with UFC. Everything is cool. Just wait till UFC/PRIDE moves to ESPN, no more bullshit!

  • Rich says:

    It had everything to do with Liddell. He might be suing Xyience soon over their failure to pay the last installment of his contract.

    Read the whole saga here:

  • billythekid78 says:

    Read the whole saga at Rich’s cracked out site and get your system shut down with viruses, that’s what happened to me! You owe me a new system Rich fuckhead! I’ll take my payment in your gold teeth you crackhead!