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UFC Rio in pictures

Police later said it was the accidental favoring of one football club over another that led to the shooting of Dana White…

In case you weren’t aware of the massive amounts of fun everyone is having down in Brazil for UFC Rio fight week, the UFC’s facebook page has over a hundred pictures from their time in South America. We’ve gone through and picked out some of our favorites and captioned them for you. The rest are after the jump.

Due to a particular law in Brazil, no women in sports are allowed to be hotter than the national volleyball team. Thus these eyesore octagon girl uniforms were created.

Cell phone? Who need cell phone? I can plug this phone into any jack in the world!

Junior and one of the Nogs teach these kids an important life lesson: All problems in this world can be solved with your fists.

Enjoying Acqua water, the official water sponsor for UFC Rio. Their slogan: “Ele não lhe dá parasitas!” which translates to “It does not give you parasites!”

Anderson Silva did not drink Acqua water. Here he is wondering what is laying eggs inside his heart and stomach.

After failing to get his million dollar rematch with Matt Hughes at UFC Rio, Royce Gracie settled for 200 bucks, a snickers bar, and the appearance of relevance at all UFC media events.