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UFC ring girls from smartest to dumbest

God bless Steve Cofield. I like to think I do a pretty good job of talking shit in my little sandbox of a site, but who else gets a soapbox like Yahoo to do things like rank UFC ring girls in order of intelligence?

Let’s face it, current and former Octagon girls aren’t hired to be captivating orators. If they were, here is the up-to-date OG intelligence rankings:

1. Edith LaBelle – She  was simply intoxicating  during ” target=”_blank”>this photoshoot and interview. Although she’s not a strong reader by the looks  of that t-shirt she got duped by.

2. Ali Sonoma – She doesn’t speak much but who would when you can’t get a word in edge-wise around  the insane ramblings of her boyfriend Diego Sanchez?

3. Rachelle Leah – Not a braniac by any means but she does know when to pipe down (video 14:45 mark) as she showed with Chuck Liddell when he was doing a 130 MPH in his Ferrari on  Pacific Coast Highway.

4. Logan Stanton – Not sure how swift she is, but the 19-year-old  was smart enough to not make any quick  moves around  Quinton Jackson and his creepy dancing at UFC 95 ( ” target=”_blank”>video 7:21 mark).

5. Amber Nichole – Hard to believe but the Baroni video was her strongest. It  got rougher in conversations with &feature=related” target=”_blank”>some magazine chick. By the way Amber,  we’re all BJ fans.

6.  Arianny Celeste –  Looks make up for everything  but she does struggle with the concept of the  microphone. She also has a tough  asking something we call a “question” or simply ” target=”_blank”>answering one of those queries.

It would be nice to think that Ali Sonoma is the holy trinity of awesome chickage: nice, hot and smart. But I’m holding back on the smart title till I find out if she really thinks Stevia shrunk a lump on her breast, because that’s just downright dangerously stupid thinking. Them titties be her livelihood, and she’s attributing miracle lump shrinkage with a low-calorie sugar alternative??? Guh.

As well, I just can’t buy Edith LaBelle as the smartest of the bunch. Most smart chicks don’t need to install a pair of bowling balls on their chest in order to be successful. Although I suppose it is easier than getting a job and thinking about stuff all day. So perhaps she IS the smartest of the gang.

(picture courtesy of the always awesome Tracy Lee at Combat Lifestyle, who took a bunch of great pictures from UFC 95)