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UFC Reveals Drug Testing Procedures Gong Forward


The UFC announced plans to implement random drug testing beginning July 1 during a special press conference Wednesday in Las Vegas.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and president Dana White made statements regarding the recent series of failed drug tests by fighters such as UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, former champion Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz and Hector Lombard from the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa.

Beginning July 1, all 585 UFC fighters will be subject to random drug testing for performance-enhancers. While they did not disclose what kind of punishment would come from failing such tests, they mentioned the current WADA four-year bans as a possible guideline, as Fertitta said they will “advocate for” two-year bans.

“Give the recent spate of high profile cases, we felt like we needed to do this sooner rather than later,” Fertitta said. “For the good of the sport, the integrity; what we’re trying to do here we needed to address the issue.

“You may not be training, but someone may show up to take a random sample.”

Fertitta added that they are still working to determine what third-party agency will administer the testing.

“Fighters are going to look at risk vs. reward,” White said. “If I can make a couple million dollars, I’ll take the risk. Two-or-four years (for a failed drug test and subsequent suspension) could be career-threatening. (That’s makes) it a lot more dangerous.”

  • aFriendlyAgenda says:

    Four years is too much.
    I’m not even sure 2 years is all that necessary,
    as long as they TEST guys!

    If you test them and they fail, let then sit out a year.
    Which is a long time for an athlete.

    Them NFL guys get popped for a stew off things AND beating up their stripper girlfriend and sit out what?
    Half the season?

    And then let them come back test them some more.
    If they get popped again, they’ll sit out another year and you can let them go.
    One way or the other they’ve missed two years of their career and been publicly tainted by now.

    It looks like Zuffa is suddenly all pissed off becasue their big phoney money draw silva embarrassed them.
    Dudes have been getting popped all this time.
    Dont all of a sudden over compensate and drop the nuclear option becasue you got embarrassed.

    Just test the dudes.
    Thats what you should have been doing all this time.

  • Nicholas O'Dea says:

    Gong forward? Bad pun or typo?