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UFC Primetime starts tonight

Tonight is the debut of UFC Primetime on Spike, a three part series dedicated to hyping the shit out of Georges St Pierre vs Dan Hardy. Personally, I find it a bit interesting that the UFC decided this was Primetime worthy. Not only was Georges the focus of the first (and only other) primetime series, but a lot of people consider GSP vs Hardy a fight barely worth George’s time, let alone three episodes worth of our time.

Still, I suppose it makes a certain amount of sense that the UFC would decide to promote the shit out of it. UFC 111 is the first ‘big’ card since the gypsy curse dragged the last 6 months of UFC shows to hell, so I’m not surprised Zuffa wants to really slap people around and get them aroused for the proper start of 2010’s ‘season’.

In addition to the Primetime three-parter, there’s still going to be a Countdown show on Wednesday, which I assume is mainly to pimp up Mir vs Carwin. That’s more money in the bank for the UFC, since whoever wins that gets next shot at Brock Lesnar and unlike Strikeforce, the UFC is more than capable of promoting more than one fight ahead. Possibly TOO capable sometimes. But I guess it’s better to be a few steps ahead than one step behind.