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UFC Press Conference: Live Blogging this shit

3:30PM : Well here we are folks … we’ll be liveblogging the UFC press conference regarding Randy Couture from 4pm onwards. All comments on this sucker should go in this post and afterwards we’ll have a round up post with general thoughts.

Expect to refresh every 3-5 minutes depending on how chock full of information this bitch is gonna be. To see the general quality and feel of our live blogging, you can see our work on last week’s UFC press conference here.

3:35 : I’m surfing this shit on Yahoo … sure, they’re the home of MMA’s resident village idiot Kevin Iole, but I’ll still trust them to push the propaganda better than anyone else.

3:40 : Marked improvement already. Last time I had to listen to some painfully terrible muzak. While the shit going on is still kinda generic, at least it’s more of a Collective Soul ripoff than a Kenny G ripoff.

3:50 : I’m all stocked up. Big mug o’ pepsi : check. Peanut butter sandwich : check. Empty bladder: check. Although I’m already feeling the urge to piss again. There’s just something about these conferences that make my bladder contract.

4:00 : Yo yo yo and away we go! It’s a three person show as Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita, and some other dude (probably their CFO) sit down.

Dana opens up by saying he doesn’t like talking about money because most of the fighters don’t like talking about money. He says he takes care of his fighters and pays them well, and wants to address the false accusations Randy has made. Mentions the company having growing pains, and that he tries as best he can to take care of his fighters. Blah blah I respect randy and am personally blah blah and the statements Randy made “weren’t true” and they’re here to clear up the facts.

4:02 : That other dude is CFO John Malkey
4:03 : Lists off Randy’s involvement in TUF, and Randy Couture Day on Spike that the UFC put together. This is to rebutt Randy’s wife’s statement that the UFc never promoted Randy. Re: Kim’s statement that Randy makes more money outside the octagon than in, Dana says he WANTS this for his fighters and that’s part of how the UFC operates and their goal to let fighters make money. I gotta admit, they’re not like WWE who own a dude till the day his heart explodes from steroids

4:05 : Oooh, sounds like they’re gonna lay out all the numbers. Dana says they’re gonna walk us through the pay structure.

4:06 : Lorenzo says he was intimately involved with Randy and consider him a friend and was the guy who negotiated the contract. Re: Randy’s statement that he was never happy, Lorenzo said Randy seemed very happy the day they ‘shook and hugged’ over the contract. Aaaah, a broken trust over hugs is evil.

Lorenzo said Randy’s statements “grossly misrepresent the situation”

4:07 : John says re: signing bonus … he got a 500k signing bonus, half to get upon signing and half after his first fight. Failed to mention his employment agreement which included 200k per year and 50k in commentating fees.

Randy got 250k purse and got the other 250k bonus. The PPV bonus worked out to 936k based upon est of 534k buys. Total compensation = 1.186 million. Fuck, John talks super fast. Slow down, buddy.
4:10 : For the Gonzaga fight, 250k purse, 30k bonus fight of the night, ppv bonus of 787k on 340k buys. Total = 1.127 million.

All money for UFC68 has been paid and Gonzaga fight is pending. Randy used the words ‘off the book’ when talking about bonuses. To clarify, discretionary payments are taxable and completely at the choice of UFC management, and are on top of everything that is included in contracts.

4:11 Dana basically says he was being very generous considering Randy a signing bonus considering Randy’s two losses, and the risk of injury since Randy was so old. Because of the risk of injury, they gave him the first 250k and after the first fight he got another 250k.

4:13 Dana says Randy was 436k off in his calculations. Dana says he doesn’t think there’s another promoter out there who pays above and beyond what’s on contracts. Josh Barnett will disagree with you there. Of course, I think with Pride it was more sketchy gangster money than kindness. Dana says “Nothing is off the books. We’re not paying guys under the table.”

4:14 Re: UFC being a monopoly. “never in MMA has there been more opportunities for fighters right now. There’s 5 large companies here. Just because we’re better doesn’t mean we’re a monopoly” Yeah, but when you’re the biggest and trying to crush everyone, I think that’s kinda a monopoly.

4:15 Lorenzo says it’s pretty shocking that Randy’s contract being put out there is unprecedented and seemed calmly miffed about that. Says this has nothing to do with being public or private

4:16 Steve Cofield on the mic! Go boy! Question: Have you guys talked to Randy. Lorenzo says “I talked to him the day of his conference. I tried to explain the situation, but wasn’t good enough at it apparently because of the inaccurate things Randy said during his conference. We don’t’ want to do this he said / she said stuff. But what Randy is doing is damaging us and it’s damaging our sport. To have Randy use the platform we gave him to try and damage us hurts very much.”

4:17 Re: the meeting two weeks before the resignation. Lorenzo says “He did explain he was unhappy about other fighters getting more money or receiving large signing bonuses. Also heard about an offer to Fedor that made him feel disrespected. I felt we left this on a positive note. Randy said in his opinion the only fight worth fighting for him was a fight against Fedor and if that wasn’t going to happen he might retire”

Dana says “He kinda jumped us and spat out his issues. I’ve had meetings with Chuck Liddell like this and had it out with pretty much every guy. I didn’t expect it from Randy at the time. I told him I’d get back to him … this was September and September was a very busy time. We didn’t realize we were on some 2 week notice. Two weeks is like two hours and we didn’t know Randy was at risk.”

4:20 : Are you gonna take Legal action. Lorenzo “Randy is still under contract and we’ll do what we have to do to protect our rights.” OOOOOH SNAP. Question: How do you feel about not having #1 fighter in Fedor, and now you lost number 2?” Dana: “Blah blah Fedor sucks, he’s fought a bunch of pushovers. Randy Couture is the #1 fighter in the world.”

Dana: “I don’t know how we got here and I don’t know what I did wrong. I just can’t believe that Randy left. A lot of the stuff that Randy was complaining about wasn’t to do with fighting. Stuff about pros and joes. I would have been willing to hand out the same paperwork I’m handing out here (they’re giving out the numbers on paper) to Randy happily.

4:23 : Dana “I felt like I got kicked in the throat” Now I guess ya know how a lot of fighters feel, bud. “I had a good relationship with Randy … or at least I thought I did”

4:24 : How is this going to affect Xtreme Couture fighters. Dana “If tito and I can work things out, I’m sure Randy and I can.”

4:25 : Dana “This is the last time we’re talking about Randy. Get your questions in today because this is the last time. And there’ll never be a breaking point … we’ll always want Randy back”

4:26 : Lorenzo “I was hurt … it hurt … this all hurts!”

4:26 : Lorenzo “When you add it up, it’s not what Randy gave.”

4:27 : Is it two more fights or is it 9 months? Dana : “We’ll find out!” Hmm … thems litigious words!

4:27 : MMA Weekly asks a question. They mumble where they’re from … probably afraid Dana will kick him out for being part of the evil internets.

4:28 : That whole Carmen Electra thing was some lame Maxim photoshoot thing where they wanted him to take photos for free but he didn’t want to

4:29 : Dana admits he kept counting Randy out … against Pedro, against Chuck, etc. Lorenzo adds that regardless, he’s always at the top of the food chain and always gets a title shot. He’s probably the guy with the most title shots in UFC history.

4:30 : “We hope it doesn’t end up in court, but that’s up to Randy Couture”. Dana reiterates his ‘hollywood agent theory’.

4:31 : Dana asks “What’s the end game here? The stuff he said was false … I don’t get it. We’ll find out where this is going!”

4:32 : Steve Cofield is owning the mic. “When’s the cutoff?” Dana says “We’re gonna offer Randy a fight early next year against Nog and we’ll see?”

4:33 : Steve asks about M-1 and if Randy is going to fight in M-1. Dana says “What do you think?” about 20 times. Maybe he forgot who’s press conference this is.

4:34 : What happens if he turns down the fight? Dana : “If he turns down the fight, he retires, and if he retires we get two fighters to fight for the vacant title” Damn that ‘retirement’ bullshit.

4:35 : Go phone conference technology. They try to take it to the phones and it’s not working too well. And we’re good.

4:35 : Does this make you take a step back and say “We should disclose what they earn?” A more obvious answer has never been uttered : “Noooooooooo”. Same old blah : Fighters don’t want to talk about money. It makes Dana’s tummy hurt. Boo hoo. As far as Dana’s concerned, it’s gonna be his way or the highway.

4:36 : Since the day of the press conference, they haven’t talked. Dana thought this whole thing was about him and he felt like a teenage girlfriend who had been dumped. Finally after Randy and him talked it seemed okay but then the press conference happened and now they’re where they’re at.

4:37 : Another question about the 2 fights or 9 months question. Dana says “I’m not gonna answer that. We paid Randy 500k to sign the contract, we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure he honors that contract”

4:38 : Some guy asks how much the UFC makes, and that the money seems small compared to what other sports guys make. Dana makes an analogy that big golfers don’t make shit either. Says 3 million for two fights is pretty damn good. Points out the infrastructure to make UFC succeed is massive and a lot of the money goes to that.

4:40 : Dana said “Some guys want more straight up money and some guys want more PPV moneys. Randy chose the PPV numbers.” Guess he wishes he got to fight Tito Ortiz again or something.

4:41 : Who’ll be next in line if Randy’s gone? Dana says he has no idea … as far as he’s concerned Randy is still champion and they’re gonna work this out.

4:42 : How do I watch this conference? Fucking hell, grandpa wants this shit tech supported?

4:43 : Meltzer shows up, asks another question regarding the contract freeze. Dana says “We don’t talk about this shit … we’re talking numbers but not the contract.”

4:44 : Dana “We thought he had resigned from doing all the other jobs he did for the ufc. You can’t resign from a contract.”
4:45 : Question re: did they feel like he was serious when he said he’d retire if he didn’t get to fight Fedor. Lorenzo said “We didn’t really think he would retire.” Dana says “When he left last time it was coming off of two losses. Now if he left it would be from a much better position”

4:46 : Dana “One last chance for questions before we’re gone forever”

4:47 : Some douche from the Las Vegas Sun asks some gay question about sports betting. Lorenzo says “We’re down with that so long as it’s legal. Because of Station’s involvement in the UFC we don’t take bets. We could, but we don’t ever want questions to be raised.”

4:49 : This guy is a moron. “Do you want to see betting lines all over town?” Duuuuuuuh. Sit down, you press monkey.

4:50 : No one has asked about the whole “You’re the second highest paid fighter” thing. Congrats, media. You guys suck.

4:50 : Dana says no fucking way to Randy being sent to M-1 to fight Fedor.

4:51 : Oh fuck. Now they’re asking questions about stupid shit like fights in Mexico. Lorenzo says “Mexico is good, one day we’ll do something there. But for now there’s no specific plans.”

4:52 : Cofield on the warpath. Question re: the offer to fedor and if it was more than 1 million per fight. Dana said “Fedor would have never made more money than Randy made. The funny thing is Randy said he knew how much Fedor was going to make. But Randy didn’t even know what HE was making.”

4:53 : Dana “Everyone knows my personality and I tell it like it is. If I didn’t like him I’d tell you. We’ve never had issues with him personally. We’ve had some small business issues but that’s the kind of thing we deal with all the time.”

4:54 : Lorenzo: “Randy has never complained about anything to me, so it was a shock how this whole thing came down.”

4:55 : What’s the biggest fuckup … HBO, Randy, or Fedor? Dana said “We walked away from the HBO deal. We wanted to get Fedor just for Randy. I don’t give a fuck about Fedor.”
4:55 : Lorenzo “When we bought this company, we had to do a FEMA and have employees ask questions. Over all the time we were losing money but we never bounced a check and we ate all the losses. One of the goals was that we would get to pay a fighter a million bucks. Little did I know that would be the start of my problems” Wha … big money big problems? What a surprise.
And that’s it. First five minutes were meaty, and I guess now we just wait for that ‘fact sheet’ to make it’s way to the internet.


  • ajadoniz says:

    i’m watching it. randy is getting raped. it’s not going past the 1st rd folks.

  • Jake says:

    so much for not talking about the money

  • Ryan says:

    Agreed, Randy’s not going to want to even come back after this painful public sodomy UFC is putting on. Ouch.

  • Ryan says:

    Well, I guess all sodomy is painful, if you’re doing it right.

  • Wow, 1.186 million, where did 3.25 million – 3.75 come from then?

  • Shoutfan says:

    Some Good Facts Here!

  • Ryan says:

    Leland, answer = out of Iole’s asshole, that’s where. That guy should retire now. The organization itself is contradicting Iole’s numbers, and badly.

  • RT says:

    Wow, 1.186 million thats about half what that dink from Yahoo said he made…

  • kentyman says:

    Heh. There’s a couple Xyience cans cans next to Lorenzo. Maybe he needed a little pick-me-up.

  • Yeah, I know, I was being sarcastic. It’s funny how Iole claims those were UFC numbers, and now is being completely contradicted.

  • kentyman says:

    Zulu: not a real guy.

  • ajadoniz says:

    What I find the most damaging is the photo copies of cashed checks and financials. oooooooooooooo

  • He made good money but still almost 66% under Iole’s non-UFC sources estimate.

  • Shoutfan says:

    They need to kiss and make up already

  • ttt says:

    Fedor not top 5?? Need to ask Dana about his Top 10 HW

  • ajadoniz says:

    Well kick me in the throat.

  • Ryan says:

    Couture, Sylvia, Nog, Kongo, Gonzaga, Arlovski, Werdum, Crocop, Vera, Lesnar :)

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Sounds like Randy is getting a royal bitchslapping.

  • Not completely. Randy did mention he wanted to refute Iole’s reports, which he did to a point, and this is now confirming that Iole’s report was incorrect as well. The whole crying bit from Lorenzo and Dana sounds like a plea of some sort, but then again, I’m not listening.

  • kentyman says:

    Fertita’s drinking the Xyience!

  • Trevor says:

    Jesus christ. Iole is an idiot, but will you guys ever stop obsessing about it?

  • Shoutfan says:

    Lets get an Arlovski vs. Couture….while we are at it lets put it on the UFC 79 card!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    In defense of Iole, he never reported $3.25-$3.75 million per fight. He reported $13-$15 million through the lifetime of the deal.

    Now that I’ve defended Iole, when you add up Randy’s signing bonus ($250,00 up front and $250,000 after first match), employee contract ($200,000 salary plus $56,000 in commentating fees), UFC 68 pay ($1.86 million) and UFC 74 pay ($1.74 million), that’s still well below the low-end total.

    I’d love for Kevin to issue a followup report that would address the gap. It’s possible Couture was in a position to make the difference under the final two fights of the deal and if that’s the case, I’d really like to hear that with some detail as to how.

    I don’t think Kevin made anything up. I would just like to see a more thorough accounting of the numbers because perhaps there are some things that we’re missing.

  • Shawn says:

    How long is this fucking thing going to be? I want to leave the office!

  • Lifer says:

    I just want to know if there’s another link out there that people can use…? Can I download this press conference in PDF format?


  • ajadoniz says:

    i need to take a shower, but i cant stop watching the massacre.

  • ajadoniz says:

    PDF > Dana

  • Haha that guy was a retard. DANA = TECH SUPPORT!

  • Oh, and this is all a warm up for live blogging the bigger MMA shows. So I hope you guys like this stuff … I wasn’t able to do as many jokes as I’d have liked to because they were going breakneck through everything, plus i am strung out from energy drinks and staying up till 3am recording the low blow. So expect better next time!

  • Matt says:

    If Randy really did get a 500k signing bonus, I hope Dana takes that shit back if he doesn’t fight.

  • Lifer says:

    if the point of the conference was to make me hate randy couture, randy couture’s wife kim and his puke manager(highly sought after position) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Agreed. At this point I’m just pissed he’s not going to fulfill his contract. A fight with Nog and then a fight with the winner of Kongo / Sylvia and he’d be done.

  • ajadoniz says:

    You did great, linker, I was impressed how detailed you were able to jot things down. Can’t wait for the PBP’s.

  • Andy F says:

    Nobody is talking about this but it seems that one of Randy’s main complaints was that he didnt get a bonus for the Gonzaga fight (but he got oine for the Silvia fight). What they said today was he didnt get a bonus for either, he got the second half of his signing bonus after the Silvia fight. If what they were saying was true then Randy is clueless about his own fucking contract! Nobody asked about this at the PC.

    What I would have asked is: If the check he got after the Silvia fight was in fact part of his signing bonus and not the “discretionary bonus” often given to keep fighters happy, why was Randy not getting these discretionary bonuses? I would think he would be at the top of the list of fighters that deserved it.

  • Andy F says:

    And another thing, I remember hearing (i think at Randy’s PC) that he negotiated his own contract with the UFC. How could he not know the terms if he negotiated it himself!?

    Man, these professional athletes are dumb as shit when it comes to money.

  • phismx says:

    Randy must be in dream land not to know that is all about the money. What’s a class act Randy, bad mouthed the UFC in front of
    Proelite for millions to see over money. And you’re a UFC legend_born and raised.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Need to ask dana about his personal HW rankings? Well they leaked a few weeks ago, here they are:

    1 – Brock Lesnar
    2 – Brock Lesnar
    3 – Dana White
    4 – Big John McCarthy
    5 – Brock Lesnar
    6 – Tim Sylvia
    7 – Brandon Vera
    8 – Brock Lesnar
    9 – Ken Shamrock
    10 – Forrest Griffin
    11 – BJ Penn
    12 – Brock Lesnar
    13 – Frank Mir
    14 – Cheick Kongo
    15 – Andrei Arlovski
    16 – Sean Gannon
    17 – Heath Herring
    18 – Brad Imes
    19 – Eddie Sanchez
    20 – Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
    21 – Mirko Filipovic
    22 – Fabricio Werdum
    23 – Jonathan Wiezorek
    24 – Wade Shipp
    25 – Random UFC jobber
    26 – Another random UFC jobber
    27 – TUF 7 contestant (aka UFC jobber)
    28 – Randy Couture
    29 – That fuckin’ Fedor guy’s brother
    30 – That fuckin’ Fedor guy
    6,000,000,000 – Josh Barnett

  • Frank says:

    Swedish guy that actually made me laugh aloud, people around me were looking at me!! Thanks for that!