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UFC PPVs are gonna start at 9 soon

Good news for people who actually have a social life! The UFC is planning on moving it’s PPV start time up so they’ll end an hour earlier. From yet another Ariel Helwani interview with the Baldfather:

Ariel: We heard but we haven’t confirmed with the UFC yet that the start time for PPV would be 9pm EST instead of 10pm. Is that true?

Dana: Yeah, we’re gonna start at 9 on the east coast, 6 on the west coast. And what we did, we did a study, we’ve been doing this study with fans at the events seeing if they’d like it earlier and everyone did. Which makes sense … on a Saturday if you can get the fight in early and still have time to go out or you’re not up til 1am on the east coast … yeah people like it so we’re gonna do it.

Ariel: Will this be for all the events?

Dana: Permanent. We’re gonna start it at the GSP vs Jake Shields fight up in Toronto and then it’s going to continue every event after that.

I feel bad for all you whipped west coast family men who are gonna have to beg for TV rights during dinner, but this works out pretty excellent on my end. Saturdays are a big masturbation night for me, and after 1am there are always less people out on the street to expose myself to. Plus it’s more dangerous, and it’s more about the thrills for me than the actual ejaculating on people.

More newsy notes from the video over at the Bloody Elbow.

  • CAP says:

    I’m down with this! One less hour to wait.

  • 7th Offensive says:

    Only problem I have with it is during football season or something they keep the games on until 10 anyway. They won’t turn on the fight sound, or turn most of the big screens to the UFC until all the major games are done.

    If they show cards at 9 I’ll miss half the card and have no reason to go to the bar to see it.

    A pirate I a be then.

  • frickshun says:

    Whatevs. If anything, it will allow my wife to stay up for the main fucking event!!

    7th–>I think you need to find a better bar to watch these things. Even the god damn Applebees by my house keeps the sound up.