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UFC pimps a study that proves they’re awesome

Zuffa is apparently sick of being the redheaded stepchild of Las Vegas. Even though they’re making lots of money, they’re still finding it hard to gain much exposure from the city and press. So they commissioned a study to find out just how grateful Las Vegas should be and brought the results to the press as a *hint hint* story. There’s more stats in there than you can shake a stick at, but here’s some of the fun ones:

71.8 percent of attendees were from the United States and 27.5 percent were from Canada.

The UFC 94 was the first UFC event for 67.5 percent of the surveyed attendees.

42 percent of UFC 94 visitors have a household income greater than $100,000, compared with 24 percent of the city’s overall visitors.

UFC visitors also gamble more than typical Las Vegas visitors, arriving with a gambling budget of $931 compared with $556 for all visitors.

Nongambling expenses for UFC 94 visitors was nearly double those for other visitors, too: $1,528 per person versus $869 per person.

The study shows that just more than 4 million households ordered pay-per-view for the six events in the study. That’s a lot of exposure for Las Vegas, based on the study’s findings that each pay-per-view purchase has an average of eight viewers. Based on that number, the six events garnered a total of 33.7 million viewers.

Dana White still geeks out on the rare days that the UFC makes the front page of one of the Vegas rags. I guess we’ll see if this helps them pull it off more often, although I kinda doubt it. Newspapers covering shit that young people are interested in is too smart of an idea.

(via Cagewriter)