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UFC Philly takes a kick to the groin

In what is almost a welcome relief considering how lame their behavior was becoming, Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans is off … at least for now. The fight was never officially attached to an event, but it turns out the plan was to have it at UFC 133 in August until a hand injury put Bones on the shelf for a while. His agent shares the particulars, lest you think this is duckage:

“Jon was supposed to start training camp next week, but he admitted his hand was still really bothering him,” Kawa said. “I explained to the UFC what was happening, and we were hoping we could push the fight back a little bit, maybe September or so, to let the hand heal through the month of May. This was about two or three weeks ago.

“The UFC suggested we get an MRI done because there must obviously be something wrong with the hand if it was still in pain. We got that done with one of the UFC’s doctors, and we just got the results back last week, and he has a torn ligament.”

“Jon wanted to fight the fight with a torn ligament, but I was completely against it,” Kawa said. “We called a bunch of doctors all across the country – people that he knew, people that I knew – and all the doctors confirmed the same thing: If he’s got a torn ligament in his hand, then he needs surgery or it will not heal correctly. At 23 years old, Jon is talking about taking cortisone shots and trying to deal with it as best as he could without really repairing it.

“It’s not like this fight is next month. If that was the case, maybe he could push through it. We’re talking about a full training camp and then a very tough fight with Rashad Evans. I was against it. Doctors were against it. Every doctor we spoke to said the only thing that could happen is the injury could get worse. There’s no way it was going to get better, so there was no upside to staying in this fight.

“It took a lot of convincing, but Jon finally realized he has to consider his long-term career – not just one fight right now.”

Aside from wondering how he will self-fap now, the biggest question is when Jones can return. Well first, he’s never had a problem fapping himself off with his mouth, and he should be all better by the end of the year, making this a 3 month speedbump.

As for Rashad Evans, he’s finally given up on waiting for that title shot and will now fight Phil Davis instead of Bones at the aforementioned UFC 133. This is probably for the best since he’s been sitting on his butt for the past year and getting the ring rust beaten off you by Jones is not a great way to get back into the groove.

  • Letibleu says:

    Imagine it’s black

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    The human hand is filled with used chewing gum and pasta….say word.


    So glad that it is Jones pulling out with an injury instead of Rashad, I can only imagine the deluge of “Evans is scared of Bones/ Rashad is a water fowl” comments permeate the interwebs.

  • frickshun says:


  • Predator8u says:

    FUCK thats LAME! 


    Champions DONT FIGHT enough. 

    Sometimes they take 7,8 months of downtime inbetween fights. After they recieve the belt they always seem to find a reason not to fight immediately. Theres all types of reasons 

    mergers, unresolved injuries they fix,  TUF  fucking up the timing.

    I hate it. It make me think about what bullshit it is to stop the best from Fighting the best when there at there peak. So they can SELL it more and reach those target DEMo’s. Cain.

    all LHW & HW championship fights seem artificial to me lately.


  • CAP says:

    I agree. You can’t help an injury from happening. But a lot of these guys go too long in between fights. I was so pissed they put GSP on TUF after a long injury hiatus already. But he was a special case with not many challengers available.