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In what has to be the most shocking and surprising news I’ve ever heard in my life, the stuffy old blowhard morons at HBO have announced that talks with the UFC are dead in the water and not to expect a deal any time soon.

You may remember Dana White saying about a million times that the deal was as close to being done as possible … the UFC even started to roll out their UK shows with the plan to air them on HBO. So all in all I have to say this makes the UFC look pretty dumb. No, not regarding getting the deal done – personally I couldn’t give a fuck if the UFC is on HBO or not. I’m talking about how dumb Dana White sounded saying over and over that the deal would be done any minute, when anyone with half a brain knew the deal was toast the second former HBO CEO Chris Albrecht decided to get slap happy with his girlfriend.

The primary reason behind the dead deal has been known for a while … HBO wanted the hot product, but they wanted to show it their way. Basically they wanted the UFC to throw the show and leave the filming, production, commentary, etc to them. Dana White is such a control freak he shut the company down for a month when he went on vacation. Do you think he’s going to let the fogeys at HBO control the public face of his events? No fucking way.

And thank God for that … I watched Pavlick vs Taylor last night (thanks for pointing me to it, guys), and while the fight was great the production values felt dated for the most part and the announcers made Frank Trigg seem like Al Michaels. On the other hand I’d give both my testicles to see some UFC highlights with that crazy 120 frames per second camera HBO uses. But how much can one of those cameras really cost? I’d rather the UFC keep it’s independence, rent the camera, and we all keep our testicles (me in my pants and the UFC in their commenting booth).

  • Accomando says:

    Its Pavlik, not Pavlick. My opinion, fight of the year, MMA or boxing.

    You didn’t see the countdown show for the Taylor/Pavlik fight, you would change your mind about HBO production.

    Lets not forget, the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight made over 200 million in PPV buys for 1 fight, just sick, and that is in large part due to the 4 episodes of De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7 that played on HBO in the month leading up to the fight.

    UFC production blows compared to HBO, not even close. HBO would have elevated UFC to the next level, instead of being on a channel that has a show named Manswers following it.

    You know, just think about it for a second.

  • Xavier says:

    The HBO production on the Pavlik fight was atrocious. HBO is so stodgy that they got rid of George Foreman, one of the best color-men Boxing has ever had and a true ambassador of the sport… just because he bitched about judging.

    I shudder to think of who the hell HBO would dig up to commentate MMA considering that the best they can get for their marquee boxing matches is fucking Lennox Lewis, whose fake-ass accent makes understanding anything he says impossible… not to mention the fact that he’s dumb, can’t think on his feet and probably smells too.

    Dana White is right not to leave his baby in the hands of HBO.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Lennox Lewis, whose fake-ass accent makes understanding anything he says impossible…”

    Way off base.

    Without Lennox Lewis we could never get nuggets like this…..”Kelly Pavlik is a tough cookie from youngstown”

    Larry Merchant rules.

  • garth says:

    Who’s Kelly Pavlik again? What kind of ground game does he have?

  • Accomando says:

    He usually keeps it standing garth.

  • Frank says:

    First of all:
    Manswers has some pretty insightful shit, I didn’t truly believe the kung fu death touch existed, it does, finally i can get some sleep. That aside…. Dana White’s goal is nothing less than to globalize the UFC, making it the unanimous, sanctionned event that defines MMA. He’s well on his way. I’m glad to see UFC stay primarily with spike, if it went HBO instead of looking at the Mickey’s replay, we’d be looking at the “Dawson’s Creek replay”. HBO is stupid for not getting in on the UFC, MMA will spread like wildfire….Europe has already caught, Bispbing the poster child for the UK, Mirko Cro Cop (although he’s getting his pansy ass kicked left right and center) is a household name in EU, Chiek Kongo in france…. once Fedor pulls his head out of his ass and takes his title shot in the UFC, MMA global dominiation will be in the hands of Dana White.

  • garth says:

    So I’d imagine this Pavlik character must have decent takedown defense. More of muay thai guy? He’d have trouble with a jui-jitsu player, or a guy versed in greco.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    They should just concentrate on what they have on Spike and pump up the production values even more. Besides, I thought the UFC had been doing the high-speed camera thing recently since the slow-mo has looked great the last few shows.

  • kentyman says:

    “George Foreman, one of the best color-men…”

    Xavier, it’s “African American”.


  • Fred Schmoker says:

    I would love to hear a different commentator crew call UFC fights..Er, at least replace Mike Goldberg. His WWF/E style over-hyping and lost analysis has become harder and harder to take. Rogain is totally fine…but really, Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant are an amazing (albeit biased) duo for HBO. The problem of course, is they are boxing guys with an admitted disdain for MMA. HBO would no doubt want Max Kellerman as part of their hypothetical UFC crew…and while at least he is a fan, and would be a marked improvement on the color job done by Bill Goldberg at whatever promotion he holds back, he (Max) would be a significant downgrade from Rogain.

  • ted dibiase says:

    boxing is retarded
    HBO can rot in hell for all i care

    their shows are overrated