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UFC on FOX 5 weigh-ins: Nothing like dehydrated dudes in teensy underwear to get you jazzed for the fights

Just in case you missed the weigh-ins yesterday, because they were on the shitty FUEL channel no one gets, here we are to provide for you that which others try to deny you.

Some notable moments to entice you to actually spend a half hour watching men disrobe include:

  • KFlo’s rise from his humble broadcasting beginnings as a babbling, stuttering rookie filling in on occasion for Joe Rogan and on ESPN’s MMA Live, to the composed professional we see today.
  • Arianny running away when Dennis Siver has to drop trou to make weight, cause really, who wants to see a pasty white Russian ass.
  • Henry Martinez missing weight big time, and his opponent, Dominick Cruickshank surely happy that he gets 20% of Martinez’s salary…until he realizes Martinez makes dick.
  • The BJ/Rory Mac staredown. BJ is as intense as ever, looking like he wanted to rip Rory’s smug face off right then and there. Rory could very well be exposed in the future as a serial killer. He has a creepy calm about him that suggests there may be some decomposition going on in his basement.
  • Ben Henderson playing to the crowd with a Sonics jersey, even though they sucked ass for a decade before selling out to Oklahoma City and becoming successful.
  • Nate Diaz, just cause he’s Nate Fucking Diaz, and everything he does is interesting.