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UFC on FOX 3 > The Avengers

What an amazing night of fights! The UFC proves it doesn’t need heavy starpower to pull of a great event. It lined up a bunch of guys with reputations for bringing it and let the fighting do the talking. After two wonky FOX events, this one delivered in a big way.

(I think the gifs are via Iron Forges Iron. Not sure, but I think…)

  • GluteusMaximus says:

    Lol @ Pat Barry.
    Good riddance.

    Doesn’t letitbleu know how to make gifs?
    That big fucking brand they stuck on there ruins it.

    I think some people use ulead gif animator.

  • drunkenjunk says:

    lol @ paulharris. Belcher beat his ass and did what nobody thought he would do.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Dope event, I will never understand Hyan’s taste in movies though.

    Pat has reached Brock status in my eyes. He has a very narrow skill-set, but win or lose he is never in a boring fight.
    I was shocked Diaz finished Miller, Bendo/Frankie vs Diaz should be good.

  • frickshun says: