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UFC on FOX 3 prelims were slamtastic

It says something that the FOTN winner from Saturday’s UFC on FOX 3 card wasn’t even part of the main card. That honor went to Louis Gaudinot and John Lineker, which is extra impressive considering Lineker came in overweight. Usually when that happens a guy is more likely to get a pink slip than a bonus, but the fight kicked that much ass.

Across the board, the prelims were pretty awesome, including a slam-happy performance from TUF 14 finalist Dennis Bermudez. Maybe FUEL will be nice enough to upload some of the fights? Or is that just stupid talk. Heaven forbid we let fans check out the up and coming stars of tomorrow or anything…

  • Filmdrunk says:

    I don’t know what the hell Garza was doing. He’d been getting dominated on his back for two rounds, and then decides to pull guard from standing. That’s like begging to get slammed. Which your mom knows all about. OH!