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UFC moves Tanner to UFC82 in order to keep UFC84 Awesome Level from hitting critical levels

(above: Tanner’s mugshot photo for

Even though it smells like poo, I guess I’m okay with letting Ohio siphon off some of the AWESOME from the Montreal UFC for their own. Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami has finally been officially announced, but for UFC82 in Columbus rather than Montreal as reported earlier.

Typically I just read MMAJunkie’s headlines and don’t bother much with a lot of the writing inside because it’s blah blah facts blah recap blah blah responsible journalism blah I already know this shit. But I’m glad I checked it out this time because tucked in there was a note about the UFC being “extremely pissed” that anyone knew about the Tanner-Okami fight before they announced it.

I suppose we all knew things would start to get like this : Dana White already hates us web news sites. After all, we’re just parasites trying to suck at his majestic teats, right? So I guess now he’s figuring if he can’t steal these sites’ web addresses through questionable legal wrangling anymore, perhaps he can kill their ability to report the news by CONTROLLING THE NEWS. You know, there was another group that tried to control the news. They were called Nazis. Or neo-conservatives. Hmm. Well I’m pretty sure they both did it. And they’re both evil.

  • Ross says:

    The strange thing about the UFC being “extremely pissed” is that they’ve quietly added Tanner/Okami to UFC 82 with absolutely no mention on the main page yet.

  • Big D says:

    Wasn’t Tanner/Okami rumored for UFC 82 before it was rumored for 84? I seem to remember something about that.

  • Atom says:

    Koscheck/Hazlett is bumped down to the dark matches, but with this new addition, who else is getting dropped off the televised portion?

    1. Silva/Hendo
    2. Kongo/Herring
    3. Tanner/Okami
    4. Fitch/Wilson
    5. Sanchez/Bielkheden
    6. AA/Obrien

    Seems like it should be Dirty Sanchez at this point, right? 8 fights in a row on the main cards, and 2 losses drop him into undercard?

  • I’ll pretty much guarantee Arlovski’s going out on the undercard. They don’t wanna promote him at all

  • dignan says:

    “Majestic teats. Now that’s some good writing”
    -Reg Dunlop, Slapshot

  • godzillad says:

    I love how all these PRIDE fags talk shit about how the UFC will never have cards ”stacked” from top to bottom, and now that they do they bitch about how Dana ”disrespects” fighters by putting them in prelims.

  • To be fair i think this is the first time in a while the UFC has actually stacked a card to this point. Typically they stuff a potentially awesome fight with two lesser knowns on the undercard so there’s room for a shitty rebound fight for some floundering TUF middleweight.

  • godzillad says:

    To be fair the shit of all the promotion merging worldwide is finally rising to the top like Nestle Quik, not sure if you guys have that up there in America Jr., so now cards are gonna be stacked:

    82 looks like a tentpole show with Tanner, Okami, Fitch, Diego, Koscheck, Hendo, Silva, Herring, Kongo, Hazlett, Gurgel, Arlovski, and cummo.

    UFN 13 could be a Pay Per View with Hamill, Bonnar, Alves, Karo, Maximus, Fisher, Din Thomas, Neer, Creepy Joe, Florian, Guida, and Edgar.

    83 looks like it’s filling out with Franklin, Lutter, Shogun, GSP, Serra, J-Mac, Dorekson, Clemente, Stout, Danzig and Cote

    85 in May also with Sherk, BJ, Tito, Machida, Rashad, Jardine, Chuck, and Thiago Silva.

  • All the guys battling it out on the undercard while the main card guys flounder have finally moved their way up. It’s freaking exciting, it is.

  • RoB says:

    why the fuck are there dark matches in the first place. Not sure if i have ever seen a good explanation. Nothing pisses me off when there is blood all over the ring before the “first” fight and i dont know why.WTF!! then goldie is like ” be sure to catch all the excitement of the undercard on” I just paid fifty bucks!! ill be damned if i’m going to pay any more to watch it on ufc’s shitty website

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Each UFC PPV slot is 3 hours long. Just in case the matches in the live main card end up being short (ie. like with UFC 80), they need to fill up the extra remaining time with dark matches. For UFC 80, they aired eight matches in total within 3 hours. Only the Stout-Eklund prelim match was unaired but the other 3 prelims were. So dark matches are necessary unless you want to see more stupid movie/videogame trailers and other shameless advertising (on a PPV you paid at least $40 for). Or worse, listen to more Goldie.

    So I think having 8 fights per card is fine. Having the usual 9-10 I think is too much IMO. I don’t think a UFC PPV has ever aired more than 8 fights. At least from what I recall off the top of my head anyway. The UFC holds like 19 events a year (13 numbered, 4 fight nights, 2 ultimate fighter finales) so having more fights than you need to on each card will do nothing but water down the product.

  • I don’t mind too much, i just wish they’d get the prelims up on faster. I paid the 30 bucks to get unlimited access to the vids … was worth it because now whenever you’ve got an event coming up just download all the fighters’ last fights and you’ve got a pretty good idea of who’ll win from that.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Toomany fucken ‘however’s with mmajunkie.. Their writing is shit and needs editing big time.. however.

  • operator says:

    They probly won’t show the Arlovski match unless he loses. Anything to emberass him but if he dominates they we’ll have to see it on demand or wait for it to pop up elsewhere.

  • Audacity says:

    How are you supposed to see how big Evan Tanner’s cock is now?

  • We’re trying to set up an interview. That’d be one of the questions we’d ask